Sections Committee

The primary purpose of the Committee is to share information and strategies about the organization and conduct of a successful annual meeting, symposium or other meeting at the Section or local society level. Sections will be encouraged to adopt a business plan. The committee will help identify candidates for AAPG office and awards.

Mary Broussard Mary Broussard Chair 2015-2017 Anadarko Petroleum
Thomas Edward Ewing, PhD Thomas Edward Ewing, PhD President 2016-2017 Frontera Exploration Consultants
Andrew M. Hennes Andrew M. Hennes President 2016-2017 SM Energy Company
John Bibb Hickman, Jr. John Bibb Hickman, Jr. President 2016-2017 KY Geological Survey
Robert A. Horton, Jr. Robert A. Horton, Jr. President 2016-2017 Cal. State Univ. (Bksfd)
H. W. Peace, II H. W. Peace, II Mid-Continent President 2015-2017 EXAD
Michael A. Raines Michael A. Raines President 2016-2017 Whiting Petroleum Corp
Daniel Evan Schwartz Daniel Evan Schwartz Executive Committee Liaison 2016-2018 Black Fox Resources
Nicolas Brissette Nicolas Brissette President Elect 2016-2017 Oakspring Energy
Michael P. Nelson Michael P. Nelson President Elect 2016-2017 DCOR LLC
Douglas Vincent Davis, Jr. Douglas Vincent Davis, Jr. Mid-Continent Vice President 2015-2017 D-EX Production Co.
Patrick James Gooding Patrick James Gooding Vice President 2016-2017 University of Kentucky/Kentucky Geological Survey
Ralph Guess Richardson Ralph Guess Richardson Vice President 2016-2017
Karin C. Alyea Karin C. Alyea Staff Liaison 2016-2099 AAPG
Julia Rausch Lemaster PRS-ELC 2016-2017 Goolsby, Finley and Associates, LLC

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