Geophysical Integration Committee

The function of the Committee on Geophysical Integration is: to promote and support the integration of geophysical data with geological, geophysical and reservoir data by working with the Research Committee, Education Committee, Publications Committee, and with other professional societies in proposing, designing and conducting technical sessions, workshops and short courses at meetings and conferences, in preparing proposals for Hedberg Conferences and special publications, and seeking authors for technical papers for the Bulletin demonstrating the importance of geophysical integration; to recommend candidates for editor for the Geophysical Corner published in the Explorer; to work with the Geoscience Data Preservation Committee and Education Committee in preparing a listing of public domain geophysical data and promote the preservation of geophysical data; and to facilitate inter-society cooperation with other geophysical societies, such as SEG, EAGE and AGU.To accomplish these goals, the GIC is organized into 3 sub-Committees: 

  1. AAPG/SEG Joint Sessions,
  2. New Publications,
  3. Symposia and Workshops.
Huyen Thi Thanh Bui Huyen Thi Thanh Bui Chair 2014-2017 Shell International E&P
Steven H. Brachman Steven H. Brachman Executive Committee Liaison 2014-2016 Wapiti Energy, LLC
Ronald L. Hart Ronald L. Hart Staff Liaison 2004-2016 AAPG
Huyen Thi Thanh Bui MEMBER 2011-2017 Shell International E&P
Satinder Chopra MEMBER 2011-2017 Arcis Seismic Solutions, TGS
Steven Lawrence Getz MEMBER 2014-2017 Getz Exploration Consultants Inc.
Bob A. Hardage MEMBER 2011-2017 Bureau of Economic Geology
John E. Jordan, Jr. MEMBER 2014-2017 Anadarko
Thomas Robert Klopf MEMBER 2014-2017
Robert Arnold Wiener MEMBER 2011-2017 Goh Exploration Inc
Hongliu Zeng MEMBER 2014-2017 Bureau of Economic Geology

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