AAPG's mission is to provide members, other geoscientists, and, in some cases, nongeologists with timely and useful publications at the lowest possible cost. There are several series of books published by AAPG: Memoirs, Studies in Geology, Archie, Hedberg, Methods in Exploration, and general Special Publications. All AAPG publications go through a proposal and review process overseen by the AAPG Publications Committee and Elected Editor before being accepted for publication. AAPG publishes both hard copy and digital books, as well as hybrid combinations of hard copy and digital. Occasionally, books will be published that do not fall into a Series category, and these are published as general Special Publications, with no series number.

In order to provide the widest possible variety of geoscience petroleum publications to its customers, AAPG also carries titles from several other publishers, including the Geological Society of London, Cambridge University Press, and PennWell Publishing.

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Memoir 80 provides an overview of current approaches used in the development of geologically constrained and integrated reservoir models. Topics addressed are the process of creating a reservoir model through the development and incorporation of an analog, extracting the quantitative input parameters on lateral and vertical variability, and the development and modification of a 3-D reservoir model.
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Memoir 81 documents the current state in seismic imaging and interpreting of carbonate systems and captures the dynamics of the carbonate system on a large exploration scale and a small reservoir scale. Among the topics covered are the delineation of the complex histories of carbonate platform sequences from seismic data, the relationships between geometries and forming processes, the imaging of faults for improved mapping of potential fluid migration pathways, and use of seismic attributes for the extraction of rock properties in the sedimentary bodies.
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Memoir 84 – This 30-chapter volume provides a comprehensive and understandable account of geology and hydrocarbon resources of the entire Carpathian system from northeastern Austria to southern Romania, including the Neogene foredeep, the foreland platform both in front and beneath the thrust belt, the Carpathian thrust belt, and the late and post orogenic intermontane basins.
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Memoir 86 – Presented in M86 are the results of a major study of the petroleum resources of the world as analyzed by total petroleum systems. Geologic insights gained from studying these 149 systems and their constituent assessment units in 128 provinces and 96 countries, exclusive of the United States, allow a new look at petroleum accumulations and the rocks that are intimately associated with them. Lists of new areas of potential and new estimates of resources make this a must-have addition to the petroleum geologist’s library. Release date: 09/2005
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Memoir 87 emphasizes high-quality case studies from the surface and subsurface. The geographic scope of M87 is large, and illustrates the diversity of geological settings in which these fascinating and economically significant features are found. It contains 10 chapters on subsurface examination of sand injectites, one chapter on theoretical considerations, and 13 on outcrop analogs in reservoirs across the world. Release date: 07/2007
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Memoir 88 assembles information on giant (>500 MOEB recoverable reserves) hydrocarbon reservoirs. The authors explore historical and alternative approaches to reservoir description, characterization, and management, as well as examining appropriate levels and timing of data gathering, technology applications, evaluation techniques, and management practices in individual projects.
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Memoir 89 contains 39 individual contributions, ranging from topical summaries to focused research papers. The hardcopy includes abstracts and several key figures for each of the contributions along with a complete copy of a gas hydrate technical review. The digital portion contains the complete research papers and has been organized into a series of topical sections consisting of review articles, marine gas hydrate papers, and gas hydrate laboratory and modeling studies. Release Date: 01/2010
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Memoir 90 is a multidisciplinary book that includes a wide range of topics such as petroleum systems analysis, salt tectonics, basin modeling, and structural geology and tectonics. Focusing on the southern Gulf of Mexico (GOM) prolific offshore and onshore basins with an emphasis on the petroleum systems, this book is a must for exploration geologists and geophysicists, research scientists, faculty, and students who want to learn about the petroleum geology of the GOM. Release Date: 03/2010
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Memoir 91 – Written for students, new professionals in oil companies, and anyone with an interest in reservoir geology, this volume explains the background to production geology in the context of oil field subsurface operations. It also gives practical guidelines as to how a production geologist can analyze the reservoir geology and fluid flow characteristics of an oil field with the aim of improving hydrocarbon recovery. Advice is given on how to search for oil volumes, where pockets can be found, and how to plan wells in a producing field. Release date: 09/2009
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Memoir 92 portrays key applications of dipmeter and image log data across the exploration and production life cycle. It illustrates the value of integrating high-resolution dipmeter and borehole image data with seismic, well-log, and geological knowledge in order to construct integrated subsurface models. It provides the fundamentals of the technology for novice and specialist geoscientists and petroleum engineers alike, as well as introducing state-of-the-art applications. Release date: 08/2010
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