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A popular part of the AAPG education department's many offerings is the compelling and often exotic field seminar program – and right now AAPG is looking for new leaders and fresh ideas for areas to visit and study.


An AAPG member believes the New York village of Fredonia should be recognized as the birthplace of the natural gas industry.


"Oil and Gas Fields of South Louisiana 2010" has been published and is available in both hardback and digital forms, from both the New Orleans Geological Society and AAPG, respectively.


David Curtiss, former director of the AAPG GEO-DC office, has been named executive director of AAPG and the AAPG Foundation, succeeding Rick Fritz.

Emphasis: Geophysical Review


A $3.5 million proprietary 3-D seismic survey was recorded in central Pennsylvania region to determine the effectiveness of modern 3-D/3C seismic data in extracting certain rock properties of the Marcellus Shale.


Cable-less nodal seismic systems were put to the test in Siberia's hostile environment – with winning results.


There may be many reasons for the success geoscientists recently reported at Salt Creek, Wyoming – but a big one was the result of data collected from a 4-D seismic survey, which revealed fine interval resolution as well as identified flow patterns that cannot be seen from well data alone.


The key to successful completion – and use – of a complex 3-D vertical seismic profile lies in the planning.

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