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Election Results for AAPG officer candidates for the 2010-11.


Looking for clues: Conjugate margins of the Atlantic Ocean return to the geologic spotlight – in a dramatically beautiful setting.


In April, the good times were rolling again in New Orleans – there was plenty of music, food, exotic culture and a whole lot of fun.


French team takes top prize in 2010 Imperial Barrel Awards competition.


Bobby Ryan, vice president of Global Exploration for Chevron Global Upstream Oil and Gas, challenged AAPG’s members to choose the “unconventional” route forward, relying upon creativity – coupled with technological advances – to fundamentally change the way they view geological plays.


Aubrey McClendon delivered the 2010 Michel T. Halbouty Lecture, “Shale Gas and America’s Future,” to a full house of about 750 at AAPG’s annual meeting


This Years Discovery Thinking Session showcased six invited speakers sharing their personal “trek of an oil (and gas) finder.”

Emphasis: Rocky Mountain Roundup


What’s the big story in the Rocky Mountains? Oil shale plays – and the Cretaceous Niobrara apparently is a mother lode waiting to be exploited.


Utah update: First there was Covenant. Then there was Providence. So what’s next?


How strange to think it was not so long ago that North American gas supplies were tight and prices, while volatile, were hovering around $13/Mcf.


High-flying LiDAR technology continues to make important contributions to geological study.


Wyoming has a number of firsts going for it: the first state that gave women the right to vote, for example, and the first to have a national park and monument (Yellowstone and Devil’s Tower respectively).

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