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What’s the difference? When it comes to the terms subsalt and presalt, the answer is, “a lot – and it matters.” 

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Head of the class: Stef Paramoure, an eighth grade science teacher in New Braunfels, Texas, has been named the 2010 AAPG Earth Science Teacher of the Year.

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Searching for Rocks, Listening for Bells. Spotlight on Susan Landon.

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Emphasis: International


Pre-salt discoveries in Brazil, shale gas potential and tight gas exploration in eastern Europe and, in Africa, a virtual continent of activity and opportunity.

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Latin America’s current story of exploration, development and potential may be the best known among all parts of the globe – and not just because AAPG recently held its successful international conference in Rio de Janeiro.

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A strong, integrated and active group of explorationists is still recognized as the most effective way to add value to a company by what is called "organic growth," which is very much a long-term activity.

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The impact of the rapid economic growth of “Asian giants” China and India is such that African oil supplies now face increased demand to fuel this growth and, therefore, increased E&P activity.

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It seemed like a good idea at the time, but … what ever happened to exploration in these places? 

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Poland is primed and anxious to have its fields on the world list of successful shale gas plays.

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Training days: The University of Aberdeen intends to have the profession and the industry prepared for the coming “crew change.”

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Standing Columns

New Mexico State Geologist and prominent AAPG member Pete Scholle recently took a group of state lawmakers out to visit an active drill rig with the laudable objective of educating them on the expense and difficulty of finding oil and gas.

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William Shakespeare once said, “Action is eloquence.” If this is the case, we have a lot of “eloquence” going on this new year – AAPG’s schedule of meetings, workshops, e-symposia, short courses and other professional opportunities and “actions” seems to grow each year.

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It was refreshing to meet recently with Frank Walles, the Energy Minerals Division president, and Michael D. Campbell, EMD president-elect, to discuss the great opportunities that exist to help the AAPG membership stay abreast of developments within the renewable energy arena and how they may affect the membership and the energy industry in general.

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Everyone has heard of a bright spot – a high seismic amplitude caused by hydrocarbon. Much oil and gas has been found by drilling anomalous bright reflections, particularly in younger sediments.

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The U.S. Senate finished 2009 with a triumphant vote on health care legislation. The lengthy and hard fought negotiations needed to secure the 60 votes necessary for passage of the health care bill delayed Senate action on climate change. As senators now turn to this similarly contentious issue, they again face the difficult task of drafting a bill that garners 60 votes.

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AAPG’s network of Student membership continues growing worldwide. Student Chapters, Student Expo job fairs, the Imperial Barrel Award and Field Immersion programs all provide career development, support and encouragement to these young explorationists.

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The AAPG Foundation Board of Trustees, during it’s recent meeting in Tulsa, approved financial support totaling $179,476 for various programs.

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