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The Eagle and the hawk: A still-fledging shale gas play, the Cretaceous Eagle Ford, is making a lot of noise in Texas – and the hawks are circling to get a piece of the action.


It’s complicated: If your well comes up dry it’s all bad news, right? Well, not really. In the oil industry, a lot of dark clouds have a valuable silver lining.


Flying down to Rio: A strong technical program, proximity to the headline-grabbing subsalt plays and an early spirit of Carnival made the recent ICE a meeting to remember.

Emphasis: World Developments


The year of living dangerously: Grim days, challenging conditions, exciting discoveries. A look back at the top global developments of 2009.


Northern exposure: That gush of excitement you may feel may be coming from Canada – specifically, eastern Canada – and it’s all because the Utica shale play there may be as big as the Barnett.


From west to east, with increasing geological complexity, the Utica and Lorraine Shale Gas Fairway comprises three distinct plays.


Time after time: Advanced geophysical techniques have been used for identifying fractures in Saudi Arabia. The rest of the story, however, was getting the story …

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