July 2009

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Meet the AAPG Executive Committee for 2009-10 led by John C. Lorenz, president of Geoflight LLC, Edgewood, N.M.


Graduate students representing Moscow (Russia) State University claimed the top prize as winners of this year’s Imperial Barrel Awards program, beating out in the finals nine other teams from geology and geophysical departments from around the world.

Behind the scenes: You’ve heard about a new report that points to the Arctic as having great potential for hydrocarbon resources. But have you heard how the report was made?
Reason to sing? Northern Louisiana’s high-profile, still-fledgling Haynesville shale gas play, despite the challenges facing many operators, is hitting all the right notes.
Everything you learned in kindergarten: The early lessons of life – be honest, do good works for others – can still provide a good foundation in the world of ethics.
Let’s raise a glass! Shale Ale, a limited edition beer made exclusively for the Burgess Shale Geoscience Foundation – is making imbibers happy and raising the public’s awareness of the historic formation.
A question asked and answered: The AAPG House of Delegates takes action on the required waiting time for a member to be considered for Active status.

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