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Your shut door, our open window: Current fiscal realities have stalled some projects, but two geologists say now is the perfect time to consider better ways to evaluate shale gas potential.     

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Hot stuff: Researchers are excited about new data that point to the huge geothermal potential of Colorado’s Raton Basin.     

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Can’t we all just get along? Companies have accepted that collaboration is good. The next step – making it happen.     

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The eye of the beholder: Everyone knows Colorado is a beautiful state. The big question is, how did it get that way?     

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Let the celebration begin: It was 1909, and Charles Doolittle Walcott, while riding a horse, noticed some unusual fossils in the ground beneath him – and the 505 million-year-old Burgess Shale became an overnight sensation.     

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A personal connection with a legendary geologist Hollis Hedberg triggered Georges Pardo’s personal connection with Cuba – and that bond has led to a new AAPG book on the island’s geology.     

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Standing Columns

I often learn the most important lessons when I am least prepared and from those most unexpected.

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I heard a comedian say, “Adults are always asking kids what they want to be when they grow up – ’cause they’re looking for ideas.”

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AAPG’S Energy Minerals Division (EMD) will respond to heightened awareness of global energy issues by offering an extensive and diverse selection of sessions, short courses, field trips and forums at the upcoming 2009 AAPG Annual Convention and Exhibition, set for June 7-10 in Denver.

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Sequestration of CO2 in sealed brine reservoirs is an important issue in industrialized countries that are concerned about the impact of excessive atmospheric CO2 on the environment.

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The plane was buffeted by gusty winds as it banked to line up with the runway, but with a steady hand the pilot guided our craft to a safe landing at Midland International Airport. It was my first trip to the heart of the Permian Basin.

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With the many means of electronic communication now available, one might wonder whether there is much interest in holding meetings during AAPG’s Annual Convention and Exhibition in Denver.

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A new AAPG Foundation fund has been established in support of a full-length documentary that is being made to help alert and inform the world of future trends in energy use and production.

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