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We are just a few months out from the 2014 AAPG Fall Education Conference (FEC). This years FEC will be bringing together new technologies, techniques, and lessons learned to offer four great days of geoscience training to enhance and advance your career. The 2014 FEC will be taking place November 10-13, 2014 in Houston, Texas at the Norris Conference Center - CityCentre.

For more information: 2014 AAPG Fall Education Conference

Whether you are a geologist, geophysicist, engineer, technician, or geoscientist, the three concurrent sessions make it easy to mix and match courses according to your specific interests and training needs.Make sure to register before October 13th to receive early bird pricing.

Presentations Include:
  • Assessment, Forecasting, and Decision-Making in Unconventional Resource Plays,William Haskett -Decision Strategies
  • Case Study: Exploration in the Bakken Petroleum System,Stephen A. Sonnenberg - Colorado School of Mines
  • Concepts, Models, and Case Studies of Dolomitization – With Applications to Hydrocarbon Exploration AndDevelopment,Hans Machel - University of Alberta and Jay Gregg - Oklahoma State University
  • Mineralogy Aspects of Reservoir Quality Evaluation with a Focus on Clay Minerals – Conventional andUn-Conventional Reservoirs,Eric Eslinger - eGAMLS and the College of Saint
  • My Source Rock is Now My Reservoir,Quinn Passey - ExxonMobil Upstream Research
  • Petrography in the 21st Century: Modern Tools for Elucidating Reservoir Quality in Sandstone Reservoirs,Kitty Milliken - University of Texas, Austin
  • Practical Geomechanics,David Wiprut - Baker Hughes Inc.
  • Quick Guide to Carbonate Well Log Analysis,George Asquith - Texas Tech University
  • Rock/Fluid Interactions and Natural Fracture Development and Alteration,Ronald Nelson - Broken NConsulting
  • Sedimentary Geochemistry and Biogeochemistry: A Guide to Interpreting Ancient Organic-Rich Mudstones,Their Solid-Phase Components and Organic Carbon Preservation,Wesley Ingram - Weatherford Laboratories

For registration and individual presentation details please visit: HERE!

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