An AAPG Field Seminar

Folding, Thrusting and Syntectonic Sedimentation: Perspectives from Classic Localities of the Central Pyrenees

American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG)

Explore world class models of thrust tectonics and synorogenic sedimentation in the Spanish Pyreness. This field seminar is designed for geologists and geophysicists working with fold & thrust systems and tectonic sedimentation interactions who are wanting to learn more and to examine outcrops of thrusts, fault-related folds, stratal architectures and facies of depositional systems. The southern Pyrenees will offer participants excellent examples of these systems which are suitable for in-depth discussions and observations. The course will be lead by, Antonio Barnolas a Senior Researcher at the Geological Survey of Spain and Antonio Teixell a professor at the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, which both have extensive backgrounds working with these types of systems and structures. Join us September 22-26, 2014 in Barcelona, Spain. For more info: Folding, Thrusting and Syntectonic Sedimentation

*Space for this field trip is limited and spots are filling fast. Register before August 10th to take advantage of Early Bird pricing.

Who Should Attend

Exploration and development geologists and geophysicists interested in fold and thrust structures and tectonics-sedimentation interactions in compressional belts and foreland basins.


As a result of taking this field seminar, participants should be able to:

  • Interpret complex thrust structures and fault-related folds formed in diverse habitats, from deep basinal settings to the earth’s surface.
  • Identify and understand strain and fracture systems in fold-thrust belts.
  • Analyze patterns of growth strata in areas with synsedimentary folding.
  • Apply the basic principles of the architecture and kinematics of foreland basins.
  • Discuss and predict the basin-scale geometry and evolution of deep water turbidite systems and proximal alluvial fans in relation with the active tectonic development.

Course Content

The Spanish Pyrenees provide world-class models for thrust tectonics and synorogenic sedimentation. During the field seminar we will examine illustrative outcrops of thrusts, fault-related folds, stratal architectures and facies of depositional systems affected by growing structures, which are good analogues for hydrocarbon reservoirs. The seminar will cover a transect of the southern Pyrenees, a Cenozoic belt where thrust-fold geometries are well exposed and suitable for conceptual discussion. Synorogenic sediments range from deep-water turbidites to shallow marine and terrestrial molasse. Turbidites include debris sheets (“megaturbidites”) that have produced gas. Molasse sediments are perturbed by growth anticlines and exhibit intraformational unconformities related to observable thrust faults.

The field trip takes place in beautiful mountain scenery, which is a plus to the geology. During the days of the trip, lodging will be in a comfortable hotel in the touristic/historic town of Jaca, a famous center for winter and summer leisure activities. Accompanying guests may enjoy visits to the XI century Romanesque cathedral and the XVI century fortress.

For registration and full course details please visit: HERE!

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