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One-hour interactive instruction on a variety of vital and cutting-edge topics. Initially given as a live events, e-Symposia are subsequently archived as digital files so others can benefit from the training even if they weren't able to attend the live event. All participants receive one day's worth of independent study materials. If CEU credit is desired, students write responses to brief questions and submit their work to AAPG.

Archived e-Symposia

Online Training
21 January 2016

An overview of a new ambient seismic imaging method and applications of the method throughout the lifecycles (exploration through refracing) of unconventional oil and/or gas fields.

Tulsa Oklahoma USA AAPG 21 January, 2016 21 January, 2016 23802 10 November, 2015
14 January 2016

This e-symposium will focus mainly on “source-to-sink”, and will detail methods used to quantify and qualify the sediment mass transported from the hinterland to the depocenter and the storage sites in route.

Tulsa Oklahoma USA AAPG 14 January, 2016 14 January, 2016 23130 05 October, 2015
17 December 2015

This e-symposium provides a primer on the origin of problematic non-hydrocarbon gases in petroleum reservoirs, specifically hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen.

Tulsa Oklahoma USA AAPG 17 December, 2015 17 December, 2015 23270 18 May, 2015
10 December 2015

This e-symposium asks several questions. Have we maximized and fully integrated drilling, geology, reservoir description, stimulation, production information and economic results? Are we working on the same scales and communicating observations providing feedback among disciplines? Several observations are offered and discussed.

Tulsa Oklahoma USA AAPG 10 December, 2015 10 December, 2015 23284 18 May, 2015
29 October 2015 - 29 October 9999
This e-symposium highlights methodologies for managing the wide range of input data used in geomodelling, and approaches to building fit for purpose 3D geological models.
Tulsa Oklahoma USA AAPG 29 October, 2015 29 October, 9999 22796 18 May, 2015
27 October 2015 - 27 October 9999

Many interpreters rely on their workstation for their interpretations (auto-picking) and for their final maps. Yet the maps generated in a computer are almost always wrong, sometimes significantly so. This e-symposium will walk through the various steps you can use to conduct a self-audit to ensure that your final map is geologically and geometrically valid.

Tulsa Oklahoma USA AAPG 27 October, 2015 27 October, 9999 23534 27 October, 2015
23 April 2015
Recent laboratory studies have revealed previously unknown behaviors in shale gas which unlock secrets of permeability and sweet spots in shale gas reservoirs. The presentation presents the findings and also goes into detail about how the new information can be applied in order to potentially improve recovery in reservoirs.
Tulsa Oklahoma USA AAPG 23 April, 2015 23 April, 2015 16809 24 February, 2015
19 March 2015

A detailed biostratigraphic analysis and stratigraphic framework of the Paleocene and Eocene Chicontepec Formation in the Tampico-Misantla basin, onshore eastern Mexico, was conducted using 33 wells.

Tulsa Oklahoma USA AAPG 19 March, 2015 19 March, 2015 16283 24 February, 2015
2 December 2014

The gas transport in organic-rich shales involves different length-scales, from organic and inorganic pores to macro- and macrofractures. In order to upscale the fluid transport from nanoscale (flow through nanopores) to larger scales (to micro- and macrofractures), multicontinuum methodology is planned to be used.

Tulsa Oklahoma USA AAPG 02 December, 2014 02 December, 2014 11967 08 September, 2014
30 October 2014

Cross disciplinary workflows play an important part of successful characterization of shale reservoirs. This course discusses how the artificial kerogen maturity of organic-rich Green River shale affects the petrophysical, micro-structural, geochemical and elastic properties.

Tulsa Oklahoma USA AAPG 30 October, 2014 30 October, 2014 11390 05 August, 2014
2 October 2014
This course is ideal for individuals involved in Midland Basin exploration and development. Successful development of Wolfcamp shale oil relies on complex inter-relationships (ultimately interdependencies) within and between a wide variety of scientific disciplines, financial entities, and company partnerships. 
Tulsa Oklahoma USA AAPG 02 October, 2014 02 October, 2014 10593 20 June, 2014
9 September 2014
Water cut is a big factor in gauging the success of horizontal drilling in the Mississippi Lime Play (MLP). The contributing factors are related in part to the spectrum of producing lithofacies and reservoir quality encountered that varies laterally and vertically, sometimes dramatically. 
Tulsa Oklahoma USA AAPG 09 September, 2014 09 September, 2014 10591 20 June, 2014
21 August 2014 - 21 August 2099
The goal of this e-symposium is to review the status of the Mexican upstream sector, and to provide a review of the most prolific and prospective areas in Mexico, with a focus on opportunities for international participation, given the upcoming energy reform in Mexico. 
Tulsa Oklahoma USA AAPG 21 August, 2014 21 August, 2099 10831 03 July, 2014
22 May 2014
The surprising emergence of several new exploration plays and new ideas on the basin history demonstrates that we have much more to learn and harvest from this natural laboratory of sedimentary processes.
Tulsa Oklahoma USA AAPG 22 May, 2014 22 May, 2014 5808 14 February, 2014
13 March 2014

Technical Writing Triage is a condensed course which identifies the key professional and technical writing in today’s workplace, discusses the most common problems/issues, and provides quick, easy-to-implement solutions for producing high-quality, effective communications.

Tulsa Oklahoma USA AAPG 13 March, 2014 13 March, 2014 3811 11 December, 2013
5 March 2014

Explore three of the great wonders of the geological world. Take a guided tour of classic geological sites on the Colorado Plateau.

Tulsa Oklahoma USA AAPG 05 March, 2014 05 March, 2014 3812 11 December, 2013
7 November 2013

This e-symposium presentation places the interpretation of deep-water turbidites discernible in 3-D seismic inversion data within a geological context.

Tulsa Oklahoma USA AAPG 07 November, 2013 07 November, 2013 1500 11 December, 2013
1 November 2013 - 1 November 9999

This presentation demonstrates how 3D seismic data will contribute significantly to the understanding of the Marcellus.

Tulsa Oklahoma USA AAPG 01 November, 2013 01 November, 9999 448 21 November, 2013
24 October 2013

This e-symposium will be introducing signal processing techniques as a means to maximize extracting geomechanical data from petrophysical logs.

Tulsa Oklahoma USA AAPG 24 October, 2013 24 October, 2013 1499 11 December, 2013
26 September 2013

The presentation will discuss key reservoir information and how to develop a predictive pressure model.

Tulsa Oklahoma USA AAPG 26 September, 2013 26 September, 2013 1497 11 December, 2013
10 September 2013

The goal of this e-symposium is to review an important dimension in the ways geologist can build and update geological models using information from performance data.

Tulsa Oklahoma USA AAPG 10 September, 2013 10 September, 2013 1498 11 December, 2013
16 April 2013

The goal of this e-symposium is to provide an overview of the latest trends and technologies for water management for oil and gas drilling, completions, and production.

Tulsa Oklahoma USA AAPG 16 April, 2013 16 April, 2013 1496 11 December, 2013
21 February 2013

The course will review core data, petrophysical comparisons, rock physics modeling (including pseudo logs and mechanical properties).

Tulsa Oklahoma USA AAPG 21 February, 2013 21 February, 2013 1495 11 December, 2013
1 January 2013 - 1 January 9999

The presenters will discuss effective management of wind farm operations and the challenges often encountered. 

Tulsa Oklahoma USA AAPG 01 January, 2013 01 January, 9999 450 21 November, 2013
13 December 2012

The course will review core data, petrophysical comparisons, rock physics modeling (including pseudo logs and mechanical properties).

Tulsa Oklahoma USA AAPG 13 December, 2012 13 December, 2012 1494 11 December, 2013
8 November 2012

This talk will present a brief overview of proppants followed by a comprehensive discussion of the major considerations that are driving proppant selection in these plays.

Tulsa Oklahoma USA AAPG 08 November, 2012 08 November, 2012 1493 11 December, 2013
31 October 2012

This e-symposium will focus on how surface geochemical surveys and Downhole Geochemical Imaging technologies can be utilized jointly to directly characterize the composition of hydrocarbons vertically through the prospect section.

Tulsa Oklahoma USA AAPG 31 October, 2012 31 October, 2012 1492 11 December, 2013
4 October 2012

Effective hydraulic fracture stimulation is critical for shale development, and microseismic is the only technology able to map the growth of these hydraulic fracture networks.

Tulsa Oklahoma USA AAPG 04 October, 2012 04 October, 2012 1491 11 December, 2013
30 August 2012

The entire Middle Pennsylvanian–to–top Precambrian basement (500 m) interval was cored in early 2011 in the BEREXCO Wellington KGS #1-32 well in Wellington Field, Sumner County, KS.

Tulsa Oklahoma USA AAPG 30 August, 2012 30 August, 2012 1489 11 December, 2013
12 July 2012

This presentation will look at well placement vertically in the pay, well azimuth and well trajectory with explanations of how geology and post-depositional effects can make the difference between a successful well and a failure.

Tulsa Oklahoma USA AAPG 12 July, 2012 12 July, 2012 1490 11 December, 2013
7 June 2012

Unger Field, discovered in1955, has produced 8.6 million barrels of oil from a thinly (several ft) bedded, locally cherty dolomite containing vuggy and intercrystalline porosity.

Tulsa Oklahoma USA AAPG 07 June, 2012 07 June, 2012 1488 11 December, 2013
17 May 2012

This seminar describes these conversations as a series of questions to be explored: What defines you? What drives you? How large is your network? Can you access everything you need? How are you positioned? What is your creative domain? What is your Plan B? ... and Plan C?

Tulsa Oklahoma USA AAPG 17 May, 2012 17 May, 2012 1468 02 December, 2013
10 May 2012

Recognition and Correlation of the Eagle Ford, Austin Formations in South Texas can be enhanced with High Resolution Biostratigraphy, fossil abundance peaks and Maximum Flooding Surfaces correlated to Upper Cretaceous sequence stratigraphic cycle chart after Gradstein, 2010.

Tulsa Oklahoma USA AAPG 10 May, 2012 10 May, 2012 1486 11 December, 2013
12 April 2012

This seminar focuses on the role geoscience leaders and mentors play in retaining top talent.

Tulsa Oklahoma USA AAPG 12 April, 2012 12 April, 2012 1485 11 December, 2013
15 March 2012

This e-symposium presents techniques for predicting pore pressure in seals by examining case studies from the Gulf of Mexico and incorporating the relationship between rocks, fluids, stress, and pressure.

Tulsa Oklahoma USA AAPG 15 March, 2012 15 March, 2012 1484 11 December, 2013
16 February 2012

This presentation describes a proven workflow that uses a standard narrow azimuth 3D seismic, conventional logs, image logs and core data to build five key reservoir properties required for an optimal development of shale plays.

Tulsa Oklahoma USA AAPG 16 February, 2012 16 February, 2012 1483 11 December, 2013
9 February 2012

Projects in several shales will be discussed, including Marcellus, Eagle Ford, Haynesville, Fayetteville, Montney, and Barnett, as will several seismically-detectable drivers for success including lithofacies, stress, pre-existing fractures, and pore pressure.

Tulsa Oklahoma USA AAPG 09 February, 2012 09 February, 2012 1477 11 December, 2013
20 January 2012

The Eagle Ford Shale in South Texas is one of the more exciting shale plays in the United States at the current time.

Tulsa Oklahoma USA AAPG 20 January, 2012 20 January, 2012 1482 11 December, 2013
8 December 2011

This e-symposium focuses on methods for predicting connectivity within clastic fluvial systems.

Tulsa Oklahoma USA AAPG 08 December, 2011 08 December, 2011 1480 11 December, 2013
10 November 2011

This work investigates how heterogeneity can be defined and how we can quantify this term by describing a range of statistical heterogeneity (e.g. coefficient of variation and the Lorenz coefficient).

Tulsa Oklahoma USA AAPG 10 November, 2011 10 November, 2011 1481 11 December, 2013
29 September 2011

This study will focus in the combination of λρ – μρ inversion with clustering analysis techniques in order to discriminate brittle zones in the Barnett Shale.

Tulsa Oklahoma USA AAPG 29 September, 2011 29 September, 2011 1478 11 December, 2013
25 August 2011

This e-symposium provides highlights of the hydraulic fracturing mechanics, analysis, and design, and is derived from a two and one-half (2-1/2) day course which is designed for drilling, completion, production engineers, engineering technicians, geologists, well-site and completion supervisors, and managers, who desire to possess a comprehensive and integral knowledge of Hydraulic Fracturing.

Tulsa Oklahoma USA AAPG 25 August, 2011 25 August, 2011 1475 02 December, 2013
16 August 2011

The geochemistry of formation fluids (water and hydrocarbon gases) in the Uinta Basin, Utah, is evaluated at the regional scale based on fluid sampling and compilation of past records.

Tulsa Oklahoma USA AAPG 16 August, 2011 16 August, 2011 1436 02 December, 2013
28 July 2011

This presentation discusses one operator’s approach to fully integrate data captured in the Marcellus Shale in order to optimize horizontal well performance.

Tulsa Oklahoma USA AAPG 28 July, 2011 28 July, 2011 1476 02 December, 2013
19 May 2011

This e-symposium presents and discusses the results of laboratory tests and research relating to determining shale prospectivity in general, and specifically in the Black Warrior Basin, Alabama.

Tulsa Oklahoma USA AAPG 19 May, 2011 19 May, 2011 1474 02 December, 2013
28 April 2011

The Niobrara Petroleum System of the U.S. Rocky Mountain Region is a major tight petroleum resource play.

Tulsa Oklahoma USA AAPG 28 April, 2011 28 April, 2011 1471 02 December, 2013
17 March 2011

This e-symposium will provide information on which tools, processes, and procedures all geoscientists, engineers, and technical professionals working in shale plays need to understand and implement.

Tulsa Oklahoma USA AAPG 17 March, 2011 17 March, 2011 1470 02 December, 2013

This presentation is designed for exploration/production geologists and geological managers or reservoir engineers.

Tulsa Oklahoma USA AAPG 1469 02 December, 2013
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