G. Steve Adcock

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G. Steve Adcock has over 30 years of E&P G&G experience. He received his first degree in Physics, then managed a wholesale distribution business while pursuing a second degree in Geology. Steve then accepted a position with Texaco as an exploration geophysicist for the Gulf Coast. Three years later, he moved to the Woodlands TX to become an exploration and development geophysicist for Mitchell Energy. 

From there he began his Master's studies in Geophysics under Bob Sheriff at the University of Houston. Steve spent 20 years with Mitchell Energy discovering new plays, trends, and technologies: developing offset analysis, pioneering inversion, acquiring and interpreting the company's first 3D, and managing the workstation revolution. He was geophysicist for the Fort Worth Basin during the 1980s when the Barnett Shale play was discovered and monetized. 

Steve joined ARAMCO in early 2000, where he spent the next few years in Saudi Arabia building a G&G data and information management system, converting hardcopy and core warehouses to digital form, and doing seismic sequence stratigraphy workflow research. Steve is currently senior geophysicist for an independent consulting company providing world-wide training, mentoring, and consulting in geophysical and geological interpretation and technology management.

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