Publications Committee

The mission of the Publications Committee is to assist the Association's Elected Editor by soliciting important topics for publication and assessing suitability, market appeal, and timeliness of proposals for AAPG's special publications and the BULLETIN.

Colin Peter North Colin Peter North Chair 2009-2015 University of Aberdeen
James Brian Blankenship James Brian Blankenship Staff Liaison 2004-2014 AAPG
Beverly K. Molyneux Beverly K. Molyneux Staff Liaison 2008-2014 AAPG
Jack C. Pashin Jack C. Pashin Vice Chair 2003-2015 Oklahoma State University
Stephanie Germaine Thomas Stephanie Germaine Thomas Vice Chair 2011-2014 Chevron
Donald Dean Clarke Donald Dean Clarke Committee Manager 2012-2015 Geological Consultant
Michael L. Sweet Michael L. Sweet Executive Committee Liaison 2008-2014 ExxonMobil Upstream Research Co.
Jean-Yves D. Chatellier MEMBER 2011-2014 Talisman Energy Inc
Jacob Aaron Covault MEMBER 2012-2015 Chevron Energy Technology Co.
Melanie Amber Everett MEMBER 2012-2015 Chevron Energy Technology Co.
Howard David Johnson, PhD MEMBER 2009-2015 Imperial College
Barry Jay Katz MEMBER 2009-2015 Chevron
Amy Kathryn Noack MEMBER 2012-2015 Concho Resources
Atle Rotevatn MEMBER 2009-2015 University of Bergen
Denise M. Stone MEMBER 2000-2014 iIndependent Consultant

Historical Information