The Advisory Council serves in an advisory capacity to the Executive Committee. They report on matters involving ethics and discipline, long-range planning, constitutional review, nominations for officers and honors and awards and other special projects as requested by the Executive Committee.

Members of this committee serve three years and include the immediate past-president and two former presidents, the immediate past chairman of the House of Delegates, elected members from the AAPG's U.S. Sections and International Regions, officers of each Division. For complete details about the Advisory Council you need to read AAPG's Constitution and Bylaws.

Paul William Britt Paul William Britt Chair 2017-2020 Texplore Inc
John Richard Hogg Advisory Counselor 2016-2019 Skybattle Resources Ltd.
Randi Susan Martinsen Advisory Counselor 2015-2018 Hydrocarbon Insight, LLC
John Clay Lorenz Rocky Mountain Advisory Counselor 2015-2018 FractureStudies LLC
Craig Alan Eckert EASTERN Advisory Counselor 2016-2019 EQT
Stephen Anthony Reid Pacific Advisory Counselor 2015-2018 California Resources Corporation
Joel A. Alberts MID-CONTINENT Advisory Counselor 2017-2020
Joseph R. Davis, PhD SOUTHWEST Advisory Counselor 2017-2020 Kalnin Ventures
Nosa Omorodion Africa Advisory Counselor 2013-2019 Schlumberger
Mark Robert Paul Tingay ASIA PACIFIC Advisory Counselor 2017-2020
Ryan Thomas Lemiski CANADA Advisory Counselor 2017-2020
Andrea Moscariello Europe Advisory Counselor 2012-2018 University of Geneva
Victor H. Vega LATIN AMERICA Advisory Counselor 2017-2020 Shell Americas
Salim Al-Mahrouqi MIDDLE EAST Advisory Counselor 2017-2020 Petroleum Development Oman
David Curtiss Staff Liaison 2016-2099 AAPG
David E. Lange Staff Liaison 2016-2099 AAPG
James Michael Hill Advisory Counselor 2017-2018 CalTerra Energy, LLC
James S. McGhay Advisory Counselor 2017-2018 Mid-Con Energy
Stephen M. Testa Advisory Counselor 2017-2018
Douglas Everett Wyatt, Jr. Advisory Counselor 2017-2018

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