Candidate for President-Elect (2017-18)

Dr. John G.
Dr. John G. Kaldi
Chief Scientist; Professor
Cooperative Research Centre for Greenhouse Gas Technologies (CO2CRC); Chair of Geosequestration, Australian School of Petroleum, University of Adelaide, Australia


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Academic Degrees

B.S., geology, Eastern Michigan University


  • 1992-present: Independent geologist and consultant, president of Texplore and PW Britt, LLC
  • 1986-92: Staff geologist, Elf Aquitaine, Houston
  • 1980-86: Senior geologist, Union Texas Petroleum, Houston
  • 1979-80: Reserves geologist, Michigan-Wisconsin Pipeline Co., Houston
  • 1977-79: Wellsite geologist, ExLog USA, Houston


AAPG Activities

  • 1992-present: HoD Delegate, Houston Geological Society
  • 2011-14: DPA Government Affairs Committee chair
  • 2007-08: HoD Resolutions Committee chair
  • 2004-05: HoD Constitution and Bylaws Committee chair
  • 2010-12: DPA Committee on Conventions chair
  • 2009-10: DPA president
  • 2009-10: Advisory Committee
  • 2009-10: DPA Nominations Committee chair
  • 2008-09: DPA president-elect
  • 2008-09: DPA Constitution and Bylaws Committee chair
  • 2002-08: DPA Gulf Coast councilor
  • 2003-04: APPEX 2004 general chairman
  • 1994-95: ACE 1995 field trip chair
  • 2006-13: HoD Rules and Procedures Committee (two separate years)
  • 2005-10: HoD Resolutions Committee (three separate years)
  • 2003-06: HoD Constitution and Bylaws Committee
  • 2005-14: Membership - Career Services Sub Committee
  • 2003-04: Member Registry ad hoc Committee

AAPG Honors & Awards

  • 2014: AAPG Distinguished Member of the House Award
  • 2012: DPA Distinguished Service Award
  • 2010: AAPG House of Delegates Long Term Service Award


Section 2. President

The President shall be the chief executive officer of this Association. The President shall be spokesman for the Association on all matters pertaining to the public; shall appoint the members of all committees within the limits prescribed in the Constitution and Bylaws; shall appoint delegates to cooperating organizations to represent the Association; and shall serve as chair of the Executive Committee.

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General Info

Candidates for AAPG office have been given the opportunity to respond briefly to the subject: "Why I Accepted the Invitation to be a Candidate for an AAPG Office."

Their responses and biographical information were provided by each candidate and edited only for grammar, spelling and format.

This information will also be provided as hard-copy in an early issue of the EXPLORER and available on the AAPG website through the election period. Ballots will be mailed, online in the first quarter of each year. Results will be posted mid-May.

Candidates were asked to limit their biographies to 350 words and responses to 500 words.

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