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Structural Analysis of Bororigua and Suaruro Ranges – Margarita Gas Field and Boyuy Discovery, and Integration into a Regional Cross-Section: Bolivia Subandean Zone

LACR Andes Basins Research Symposium 2020
AAPG Distinguished Lecture

Authors: Willy Gil (presenter), Gonzalo Zamora, Daniel Peña, Massimo Bonora, Oliver de Mena, Repsol

Almost 8000 m of stratigraphic column and the structural data provided by the Boyuy X2 exploratory well, including the post drill reprocessed seismic data, have been integrated into a regional cross-section to have a better structural understanding of this area. RTM and KDM seismic image across of Palos Blancos syncline and San Nicolas - Suaruro dorsal limb, permit to identify the regional (~2°W) of the detachment levels: base of Kirusillas and Los Monos Fms.

To the South of Margarita area Bororigua thrust system detaches at the base of Los Monos Fm and to the North at the base of Kirusillas Fm, nevertheless is not present in the Boyuy area. The Mandiyuti thrust system detaches at the base of the Kirusillas Fm, involving the Huamampampa reservoir into the Margarita duplex. However, the Boyuy X2 well did not find this reservoir within this thrust sheet. Instead, below the Mandiyuti thrust, Boyuy well found an imbricate system of Carboniferous, that has no surface expression. Underlaying this imbricate system, the Huamampampa Fm was reached at 7480 MD. To explain the absence of Huamampampa Fm in Mandiyuti thrust (Boyuy well), two interpretations are feasible: a) a transfer zone associated to a lateral ramp or b) a differential shortening.

Regional Forward modeling was adjusted whit thermochronology data. Hypothetic geometry and shortening of Inter Andean zone could reach almost 100 Km beginning at 17 Ma. Total shortening of Sub Andean zone was calculated in 83 Km, and deformation timing (West to East) are: San Simon 12-11 Ma; Huayco 11-9 Ma, Boyuy Deep and Itau 9-8 Ma; Aguarague - La Vertiente first trusting 8-6 Ma; Huayco reactivation, Carboniferous imbricates (Boyuy) and Suaruro 6-4 Ma; Mandiyuti - San Nicolas 4-2 Ma; Itau, Aguarague and La Vertiente reactivation 2-0 Ma.


Willy Gil, Repsol

Willy earned a PhD from the University Paul Sabatier of Toulouse III. France.

He currently is Structural Geology Advisor at Repsol E&P in Madrid, Spain. With more than 20 years of experience in the industry, he has held positions in the company in different countries such as Repsol E&P USA, Repsol E&P Peru, Repsol E&P Venezuela, Repsol E&P Ecuador.

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