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Bill Zagorski - Marcellus Shale: Evolving Play

Playmaker Forum 2013 | Houston, Texas

Playmaker Forum 2013 | Houston, Texas


Marcellus Shale: Evolving Play. Presented by Bill Zagorski at Playmaker Forum on 24 January, 2013 in Houston, Texas.

It is my intent in this presentation to cover the history and evolution of the Marcellus liquids rich play in SW PA, provide some regional perspectives on its unique geologic characteristics and compare it to other portions of the Marcellus play and other US liquids rich plays. I also will cover the importance of landing target selection and provide examples of various reservoir evaluation techniques and technologies used in the characterization and development of this play including 3D seismic, micro seismic, core data, and most recently FIB SEM analysis.

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