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Charles Sternbach - Lessons from a Decade of Discovery Thinking

Discovery Thinking Forum, ACE 2017 Houston

Discovery Thinking Forum, ACE 2017 Houston


Lessons from a Decade of Discovery Thinking. Discovery Thinking talk given by Charles Sternbach at AAPG Annual Convention and Exhibition (ACE) in Houston, Texas on 3 April 2017.

AAPG/DPA Discovery Thinking Forums began in 2007. This initiative of the 100th Anniversary committee featured discoverers telling stories about new field or new play discoveries at invited Forums at AAPG Annual Meetings. These immediately became a popular and integral part of the ACE Technical Program. Global interest required that Discovery Thinking forums should also become a part of the ICE Technical program, which they did in 2012. 

In the decade since inception, 18 Discovery Thinking Forums have been hosted at both ACE and I CE events. More than 100 speakers and their co-authors have presented discoveries they know well commonly to standing room only audiences. We owe these “100 who made a difference” heartfelt gratitude as we celebrate the AAPG Centenary. They have generously gifted us with hard won and costly insights leading to significant discoveries. They offer analogs for technical and business success. Their greatest lesson to us? As Michel T. Halbouty said of pioneering wildcatters: “If they could do it, why can’t we?” During the two Discovery Thinking Forums planned for the Houston ACE 2017, we pay tribute to the 115 men and women who have participated in these forums. We will feature several brief representative vignettes of previous presentations spotlighting valuable exploration lessons. These will be distributed throughout a lively program of 8 new significant discoveries in a morning and afternoon forum. 

Resources hosted on the AAPG Search and Discovery website (Special Collections, Discovery Thinking) form an enduring heritage to modern and future explorers. Multimedia presentations of previous Discovery Thinking talks have been viewed more than 40,000 times (as of this writing). In addition, AAPG/DPA has launched Playmaker Forums, 1-day stand-alone events on Discoveries. Playmakers also offer a collection of multimedia presentations. Thanks to all the presenters. We celebrate their success and thank them for leaving their heritage better than they found it. May they inspire us to continuously make new discoveries.

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