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Angus McCoss - Opening New Oil Basins: A Pattern of Discoveries

Discovery Thinking Forum, ACE 2017 Houston

Discovery Thinking Forum, ACE 2017 Houston


Opening New Oil Basins: A Pattern of Discoveries. Discovery Thinking talk given by Angus McCoss at AAPG Annual Convention and Exhibition (ACE) in Houston, Texas on 3 April 2017.

I discuss our team's story on opening new oil basins and show there is a pattern of discovery. Tullow Oil is focused on finding oil and then selling it in the ground or through the pipe. We are focused on low-cost of supply, light oil which flows naturally. We are conventional oil finders and our exploration covers two continents – Africa and South America. Africa is the continent in which Tullow Oil began doing business, and where we see considerable future exploration potential. South America presents us with exciting new opportunities and a chance to replicate the exploration success we have had in Africa. Our "off-limits"exploration filters help us focus on high-margin light oil in onshore rifts in East Africa, simple offshore settings on the African and South America continental margins and in our production heartlands of West Africa, particularly in Ghana.

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