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Southeast Caribbean Research Symposium Session II: Basin Analysis Wrap-up

Southeast Caribbean Research Panel Discussion
AAPG Distinguished Lecture

Moderator: Benjamin Kirkland, CNOOC International

Participants: William Dickson, DIGs; Andrew Pepper, This !s Petroleum Systems LLC; Luis Miguel Bernardo, Petroleum Exploration Consultants Americas; Peter Bartok, Bartok Inc.; Karilys Castillo, University of Houston; Krishna Persad, Krishna Persad and Associates Limited

Convener Benjamin Kirkland moderates a discussion with presenters, who answer questions and share final thoughts to conclude Session II, Basin Analysis, at the Southeast Caribbean and Guiana Basins Virtual Research Symposium.


Convener: Benjamin Kirkland

Benjamin earned a BS from the University of Kentucky and a MSc from the University of New Orleans, both degrees in Geology.

With 8 years of experience in the industry, Ben is Geologist-Basin Modeling at CNOOC International at Houston, where he is specialist in basin modeling and brings geochemistry support for global exploration. He has previously worked in companies as Nexen Energy and Fieldwood Energy. His professional affiliations include AAPG and HGS.

William Dickson, DIGs (Dickson Int'l Geosciences)

William earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of Manitoba.

He has more than 40 years of experience in the industry, working at majors and independents and, since 1998, at DIGs in Houston. He has worked frontier and producing basins around the Atlantic margins, EAME region, SE Asia & Canadian arctic and coordinated projects with subject matter experts across multiple disciplines. Peer-reviewed publications are primarily on petroleum systems analysis of Atlantic margin basins. Currently, as owner and VP Technology at DIGs, he is in charge of R&D, project coordination and fulfillment. William is member AAPG, EAGE, SEG, SPE and local societies in Houston, England, SE Asia & Australia.

Andrew Pepper, This is Petroleum Systems LLC

This year Andy Pepper is celebrating 39 years of experience as a geologist and petroleum systems analyst: at BP as leader of the Petroleum Systems Network; at Hess as Chief Geologist and then Director of New Ventures; and at BHP as VP Geoscience and VP Unconventional Exploration.

He founded This is Petroleum Systems LLC in 2015 as a vehicle to collaborate and innovate in Petroleum Systems concepts, modeling and training.

Luis Miguel Bernardo, Repsol

Luis earned a BS in Chemistry from the Universidad Central de Venezuela and a MSc in Geology from the University of Houston.

With over 20 years of experience, he is Petroleum Geochemist Consultant at Petroleum Exploration Consultants Americas in Houston. He has previously worked at companies such as Repsol, YPF, Ecopetrol and PDVSA. Luis is a member of AAPG and Alago.

Peter Bartok, Bartok Inc., Petroskills, University of Houston

Peter earned a MSc from the State University of New York at Buffalo, and with 48 years of experience he has published over 25 papers.

His past experience includes Texaco (5 years), PDVSA (10 years), BP (10 years) and 23 years as a consultant. Along with working as a consultant at Bartok Inc. and Petroskills, he currently is Adjunct Professor at the University of Houston, where he teaches petroleum geology/geophysics and shale resource assessment. Peter is a member of AAPG, SEG and HGS.

Karilys del Carmen Castillo Flores, Occidental Petroleum, University of Houston

Karilys is a Geological Engineer from the Universidad Central de Venezuela, and earned a MSc in Geology from the University of Houston.

With 12 years of experience in the industry, she currently is Geophysicist at Occidental Petroleum at Houston, where she is responsible for international exploration geophysics. Her previous experience includes positions as Production Geologist and Seismic interpreter, Integrated Reservoir Studies, PDVSA (2005-2012); Geoscientist Intern ConocoPhillips (2013) and Anadarko Petroleum (2014); Research Assistant – CBTH at University of Houston (2012 – 2014); Geophysicist - International Exploration Colombia, Anadarko Petroleum (2014-2018); Geophysicist, Advanced Analytics and Emerging Technologies Team, Anadarko Petroleum (2018 – 2019); Geophysicist International Exploration Occidental Petroleum (2019 – Current). Karilys is a member of AAPG and SEG.

Krishna Persad, Renaissance Energy Limited

Krishna earned a BSc (Special Honours) and a PhD both in Geology from the University of the West Indies.

In his 50 years of experience in the industry, he has worked in State oil companies and Private Oil Companies from 1970 to 1987. Since then have been an Independent Oil Producer. Currently, he is Technical Consultant and Co-CEO at Renaissance Energy Limited in Barrackpore Trinidad, where is responsible for providing geological and technical advice regarding new drills and production operations and advising and supporting the CEO.

Krishna is Honorary Member of the Geological Society of Trinidad and Tobago. Previously active member AAPG and member SPE.

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