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A Virtual Traverse of Onshore Southern Basin, Trinidad Along SBC 2D Seismic Line TD91-177

Southeast Caribbean Research Symposium Presentation
AAPG Distinguished Lecture

Author(s): Xavier Moonan, Senior Geoscientist, Touchstone Exploration

Hear Xavier Moonan go through a virtual traverse of Onshore Southern Basin, Trinidad along SBC 2D seismic line TD91-177. The virtual field trip took place on 17 September 2020, as a part of the Southeast Caribbean and Guiana Basins Virtual Research Symposium.


Xavier Moonan, Touchstone Exploration

Xavier Moonan is a Senior Geoscientist at Touchstone Exploration in Trinidad & Tobago. He has an MSc. in Structural Geology with Geophysics at the University of Leeds, UK, and was awarded a ‘Top Ten Presentation’ by AAPG for his poster presentation on the Penal Barrackpore Anticline at AAPG ICE Conference in Milan, 2011.

He served as the Convener for the 20th Caribbean Geological Conference Trinidad 2015, as Programme Committee Trinidad Representative for AAPG ICE Cartagena, 2013, and as General Co-Chair for AAPG GTW Trinidad 2014, GTW Guyana 2017 and GTW Suriname 2019.

Xavier is Vice President of the AAPG Latin America & Caribbean Region. He is a member of the Geological Society of Trinidad & Tobago, the Houston Geological Society and the Society of Petroleum Engineers.

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