Constitution and Bylaws Committee-HoD

The Constitution and Bylaws Committee shall consist of seven (7) members including a Chair, who shall serve for staggered two (2) year terms. This Committee shall report to the House of Delegates at the annual meeting their recommendations concerning:

  1. Any amendments proposed in accordance with the Constitution and Bylaws of the Association, and shall be prepared to explain the purpose, function, and significance of such amendments.
  2. Any amendments that they wish to propose after making an annual review of the Constitution and Bylaws. Such proposals shall be submitted at least ninety (90) days prior to the annual meeting to the Chair of the House for placement on the agenda. They shall be prepared to explain the purpose, function, and significance of such proposed amendments.
Jhonny Edgar Casas Committee Member 2019-2021 Poes International
Flavio Feijo Committee Member 2019-2021
Barry Jay Katz Committee Member 2020-2021 Chevron
Nick Lagrilliere Committee Member 2019-2021 Total
Vicki L. Beighle Staff Liaison 2019-2099 AAPG


First, I want to thank the committee members for all their work this year. It has been a “short season” and we had a lot to try to accomplish. This year’s committee includes:

  • Dan Billman, chair (Eastern Section)
  • Bill Houston, past chair (Asia Pacific Region)
  • Sigrunn Johnsen (Europe Region)
  • Rusty Riese (Gulf Coast Section)
  • Don Lewis (Pacific Section)
  • Jerry Cuzella (Rocky Mountain Section)
  • Kristen Frederick (Gulf Coast Section)
  • Hunter Lockhart, YP observer (Gulf Coast Section)

Given the Constitution and Bylaws rewrite/simplification of last year we had numerous typos, spacing issues, grammatical errors and numbering errors that have been identified and that have no significance to the intent of the passages where the error was found. Those changes will be made and will be included in the next official version of the Constitution and Bylaws, published after the 2017 House meeting.

The committee has discussed numerous potential proposals to bring to the House floor. Those that we settled on and are bringing to the floor include, first, the redundancy of the editor replacement clauses and, second, the addition of “and university” after the word college in three places in the bylaws. Why? Because “college” does not always mean the same level of education across the world, and so clarifying that seemed prudent.

The third proposal is to help clarify an issue that has been misinterpreted in the past; this proposed change will help clarify how the international Regions have their delegate counts tallied.

The remaining four proposals all center around the Advisory Council, how the number of councilors is decided, how and when the council picks its leadership, and how previous members of the council can, under their own free will, choose to leave the council. These proposals came to the committee from a variety of sources. Thorough internal committee discussions and compromises were amalgamated into this set of proposals.

If Delegates have questions about these proposals, please send them to me at and I’ll be able to address those questions in an upcoming Delegates’ Voice.

Look forward to see you all in Houston – Texas, that is, although all are certainly invited to visit me in Houston, Pa.

Review the Proposed Bylaws Changes now.

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Dan Billman, Constitution and Bylaws Committee chair discusses a few of the items that has kept the group so busy this year, giving a preview of items to be discussed at this year’s annual meeting.

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The Constitution and Bylaws Committee completed a review of six proposed bylaws amendments that it received from the Executive Committee. After much discussion the amendments were modified as deemed appropriate, and approved by the committee.

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The Constitution and Bylaws Committee has completed its review of the five proposed bylaws amendments that it received from the Executive Committee. After much discussion the amendments were modified, as deemed appropriate, and approved by the Constitution and Bylaws Committee
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The Constitution and Bylaws Committee comprises seven members. For 2014-15 they are:

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The House of Delegates passed two of the three proposed Bylaw Amendments, and all 5 new resolutions at its HOD Annual Meeting in New Orleans, along with another new resolution pertaining to the Bylaws that passed under new business. Both the "Elected Editor Amendment" and the "Grievance Procedures Amendment" were passed by more than the necessary 2/3-supermajority vote.
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There are a few more details for the Constitution and Bylaws committee to wrap up for FY 1998-99 and bring before the 2000 HOD in New Orleans.

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The purpose of this letter is to communicate to you the results of the survey questionnaire on the International Representation Committee’s proposed legislation upon which you will be voting on April 11, 1999 at the National AAPG meeting in San Antonio. As you will recall, we sent out questionnaires to each of you on September 28, 1998.


2020 Constitutional Bylaws Committee Report

2020 Bylaws Committee Ad Hoc Representation Report

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