Affiliated Society Committee-HoD

The affiliated society committee shall be responsible for directing the following disaffiliation procedures:

  1. If an affiliated society fails to send a representative to the HOD annual meeting for two consecutive years, the chair of HOD shall inform the affiliated society committee chair. The affiliated society committee shall then attempt to contact the leadership and members of that society to encourage participation and to determine if the society is inactive.
  2. If, after six months from the initial contact effort by the affiliated society committee, the committee finds that no progress is being made to reactivate the society, the committee shall inform the chair of the HOD. The HOD chair shall send three letters, (1) to the affiliated society president to encourage its participation, (2) to the appropriate section president to request its involvement, and (3) to the Members within the jurisdiction of that society to advise them that they are not represented and to invite their attention to this matter.
  3. If a third annual meeting occurs without a representative delegate, then a letter from the Committee shall be sent to the members of the affiliate society requesting that they elect to affiliate with an active society within six months, or AAPG headquarters shall automatically assign them to a nearby active society. The original society shall then be placed in "INACTIVE" status.
  4. If after two years the society remains in "INACTIVE" status, a resolution shall be proposed to the HOD by this Committee to disaffiliate the Society.
Robert Archer Committee Member 2020-2022 Hess Corporation
Justin Edward Birdwell Committee Member 2020-2022 U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) Central Energy Resources Science Center
Jennifer Lynn Burton Committee Member 2020-2022
Craig M. Dingler Committee Member 2020-2022
Christopher R. Fielding Committee Member 2020-2022 Univ. of Connecticut
Clyde Purcy Griffith Committee Member 2020-2022 Suriname Ministry of Natural Resources
Brian Horsfield Committee Member 2020-2022 GEOS4
Kazuyoshi Hoshi Committee Member 2020-2022 JOGMEC
Sean Kimiagar Committee Member 2020-2022 Enverus
Marcelina Labaj Committee Member 2020-2022 Central European Petroleum Ltd.
Tina Manning Committee Member 2020-2022 DeGolyer and MacNaughton
Lanette Mary Marcha Committee Member 2020-2022 chevron
Tim Allen Moore Committee Member 2020-2022 Cipher Consulting Pty Ltd
Emmanuel Olulere Olopade Committee Member 2020-2022 Pan Ocean Oil Corp. (Nigeria)
Michael A. Raines Committee Member 2020-2022 MARs Exploration and Energy, LLC
Silvia Santos Grapain Committee Member 2020-2022 Instituto Mexicano del Petroleo (INP)
Ellya Saudale Committee Member 2020-2022 None
Nicola Scarselli Committee Member 2020-2022 Royal Holloway University of London
Heidi E. Schoenstein Committee Member 2020-2022
Gary Scott Steffens Committee Member 2020-2022
Kevin Lee Strunk Committee Member 2020-2022 Wabash Resources & Consulting, Inc.
Nicole Villarreal Committee Member 2020-2022 ExxonMobil
Vicki L. Beighle Staff Liaison 2019-2099 AAPG


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The Resolutions Committee is to report its recommendations concerning all advance petitions, resolutions or motions to the House of Delegates at the annual meeting in Denver.
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The Resolution Committee will report during the House of Delegates annual meeting its recommendations regarding advanced petitions, resolutions or motions proposed by delegates, affiliated societies, or by charge from the chair of the House.

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Two geological organizations have formally requested affiliation with the AAPG. The AAPG Executive Committee has approved both, and their statutes have been reviewed and approved by Craig Blackstock,


2019-20 Affiliated Societies Committee Report

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