Proposed Bylaws Changes

A proposed amendment to Article I, Sections 2 and 8, of the AAPG Bylaws deleting the requirement for the formal application of a candidate for admission to AAPG as a Member to be endorsed by other individuals, deleting the reference to Members sponsoring membership applications, and deleting the provision prohibiting the Executive Committee from waiving the endorsement requirement for applications for admission as a Member.

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Section 2. Definition of Term "Member"

Unless otherwise expressly provided in these Bylaws, the term "member" shall refer only to Members, as that term is used in classification “a” of Section 1 of this Article 1. Only members may hold office, vote in Association affairs, sponsor membership applications, or refer to themselves as members of the Association.

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Section 8. Election to Membership

Every candidate for admission as a Member shall submit a formal application on an application form authorized by the Executive Committee, signed by the applicant, and endorsed by not less than three (3) individuals, at least two (2) of whom are members who are in good standing, stating the applicant’s training and experience and such other facts as the Executive Committee shall from time to time prescribe. The Executive Committee shall be the sole judge of the eligibility of the applicant for membership and the adequacy of the applicant’s qualifications; provided, however, that the Executive Committee may not waive the endorsement or professional experience requirements set out in this Article I for applicants for admission as Members. If the Executive Committee after due consideration, judges that the applicant’s qualifications meet the requirements of the Constitution and these Bylaws, the committee shall cause to be published in the Bulletin or by other suitable means, the applicant’s name and the names of the sponsors. If, after sixty (60) days have elapsed since such publication, no reason is presented why the applicant should not be admitted, the applicant shall be deemed eligible to Member or Associate membership, as the case may be, and shall be notified of election to membership.

An objection to the admission to membership of an applicant must be submitted by a Member of the Association, must be in writing, must be received by the Executive Director at the Association's headquarters within sixty (60) days after publication of the applicant's name, must include a full statement of the circumstances on which the objection is based, and must be signed by the member raising the objection. If, in the opinion of the Executive Committee, the objection has merit, the Executive Committee shall reconsider the application.

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