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Explorer Live! (Episode 9)


Go deeper into the June Explorer with this lively and informative video presentation, this month featuring:

  • A presidential conversation: AAPG President Rick Fritz and SPE President Tom Blasingame, for the first time in a public setting, discuss the past, active and future dynamics that are inspiring both groups to jointly consider a new path forward.
  • And back in the field … Tom Blasingame puts on his “day job” hat to provide a comprehensive answer to a crucial question: “Where does unconventional resource development go from here?”
  • A “giant” story is getting bigger: John Dolson’s love affair with studying and understanding giant fields of the world began decades ago – but it’s still going strong. Thanks to technological advances, new chapters are being added to the story. And thanks to a new AAPG memoir, the impact could be huge.

Also, AAPG Editor Bob Merrill discusses some exciting new geoscience that’s about to become available and easily accessible to all, and Rick Fritz takes a look back on an unforgettable – and unprecedented – year for geoscientists around the world.

All that, and more, in the newest Explorer Live!

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