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Explorer Live! (Episode 5)


Go deeper into the February Explorer with this lively and informative video presentation, this month featuring:

  • Alex Beeker, principal analyst for Wood Mackenzie, answers the question on everyone’s mind: Can oil explorers dare to hope in 2021?
  • Bruce Cutright chats with Susan Nash about not one but two timely topics: The growing potential of geothermal energy, and the magnificent start for Perseverance on Mars.
  • Geoscience to the rescue: Jasper Oshun talks about leading a team of geoscience students on a two-year, AAPG Foundation-supported Geoscientists Without Borders mission to help find water resources for a village in Peru.

Plus AAPG president Rick Fritz takes a look at the future for AAPG in 2021, and editor Bob Merrill talks about an important new special issue of the Bulletin dealing with ultra-deep petroleum systems.

All that, and more, in this month’s Explorer Live!

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