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They were known as the “Flying Florences” in the geological world of Alaska – a nickname so fitting it smacked of the obvious, yet still piqued all kinds of curiosity on the North Slope. In the 1950s, as crews of men braved the hostile climate of the Brooks Range exploring for oil and gas, Florence Weber (nee Robinson) and Florence Collins (nee Rucker) appeared out of nowhere from the sky – steering a Super Cub floatplane over the mountains and landing on the interior lakes of Alaska.

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The options for female geologists might not have matched those of their male counterparts in the 1930s and ‘40s, but for some women – they were opportunities nonetheless – and they deserved chasing. Helen Laura Foster, an AAPG member who is now 94, took full advantage of those opportunities.

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Mystery of the deep: No one knows for sure what quantity of gas hydrates awaits discovery deep in the earth, but projections are auspicious.

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On March 27, 1964, Mike Mitchell and others were in the field working on a research project with professor Ruth Schmidt from the geology department at ACC when they experienced the Great Alaskan Earthquake, the most powerful earthquake in recorded U.S. history.

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Ruth Schmidt, one of the first 100 women members of AAPG, is celebrated for her brilliant and adventurous career geologic career.

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In international exploration, the new normal is starting to look like the old normal. And 2014 looked a lot like the year before.

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When geologist and AAPG member Rocky Reifenstuhl burst onto the scene in Fairbanks in the late 1970s – working for the Alaska Division of Geological and Geophysical Surveys (ADGGS) for 27 years – his passion for extreme sports and adventure naturally spilled over into his profession.

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The exploration expeditions in Alaska beginning in the late 1800s trump most other places in the world: The nuances of geology and geophysics required to find oil and gas in America’s last frontier tell the technical side of the journey, but mix in a history of Native Americans and Russians leading explorers to oil seeps, Hollywood investors, sled dog exploration teams, and rigs disassembled and transported by air for the first time – and science inevitably becomes a bit of lore.

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Explorer Foundation Update

It has a new name, a new energy and a new lineup of experts, all primed to spread geoscience knowledge around the world. “It” is AAPG’s newly named Global Distinguished Lecture Program – emphasis on the “global” – which dates back to 1941 but continues to be the Association’s flagship initiative for offering the latest in geologic science to AAPG affiliated geological societies and universities.

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The history of oil development in Alaska is often presented as a heroic tale, but long before the 1968 discovery of the Prudhoe Bay field (16 billion barrels and counting), the industry experience was marked by a great deal of frustration and failure.

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3-6 May 2015

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This six-day field seminar is designed to provide participants with an appreciation of the broad range of deep-water reservoir facies, the mechanisms by which they were deposited, their predictive attributes, their reservoir heterogeneity and their stratigraphic architecture.

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3-8 April 2016

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The conference aims to bring together professionals from academia, government agencies and industry who are actively involved in pushing the technical limits and application of basin modeling.

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2-5 October 2016

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