Deep Learning/Machine Learning Technical Interest Group (TIG)

Applying new analytics, neural networks, computational approaches using structured and unstructured data, and also training neural networks with supervised and unsupervised algorithms. Chaired by Patrick Ng and Andrew Munoz.
Deep Learning - Machine Learning TIG
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1 Replies and 603 Views Different Approach with a Common Thread - Use of First Principle  603  1 Started by  Patrick Ng Two articles illustrate with examples of creating tangible value: 1) DNN - 2) Multivariate - Food for thought - with infusion of G&G, learning with machine beats machine modeling alone
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by  Patrick NgJump to last post
02 Aug 2017 02:46 PM
1 Replies and 859 Views May 22, 2017 Workshop Follow-up - Mining Big Data  859  1 Started by  Patrick Ng Recall in Deborah Sacrey's presentation, neural network was able to seek out features from 2-ms data, but not 4-ms, when 2-ms is resampled from 4-ms data. For some, that was puzzling. Q1: is such observation common, and if so, is there a simple explanation Q2: what is the implication on Deep Learning and sampling rate Thanks in advance.
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by  Deborah K. SacreyJump to last post
27 Jun 2017 05:20 PM
0 Replies and 352 Views Getting Started  352  0 Started by  Patrick Ng Breakthrough Big Data and Deep Learning in Today's Oil Industry: Interview with Kamal Hami-Eddine, 18 January, 2017
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12 May 2017 09:28 PM
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