AAPG Student Chapter at UGM Indonesia presents International Energy Summit 2020

American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG)

International Energy Summit 2020
24-25 October 2020
by AAPG Universitas Gadjah Mada Student Chapter

Artificial Intelligence systems can process millions of data streams to provide actionable insight that compliments human skills. Hence, creating a higher efficiency in fulfilling the increasing demand of energy that oil and gas can serve. In light of hoping to broaden the knowledge of utilizing such artificial intelligence in this field, this year, International Energy Summit (IES) 2020 brings up the theme of "Artificial Intelligence: Challenges and Innovations for Petroleum Industry." IES 2020 offers the chance and platform to understand the big picture of how artificial intelligence in the oil and gas industry works and, at the same time, realizing how big the potential it embodies. Then, we also would like to thank Premier Oil and Universitas Gadjah Mada for supporting this event.

There were three series of events, grand seminar, career talk, and infographic competition. The grand seminar mainly discussed Artificial Intelligence in the petroleum industry and geologists and geophysicists' role in the future. This event aims to make fellow geologists and geophysicists aware of the current condition in the petroleum industry within artificial intelligence and prepares to face the challenges in the future. While the career talk mainly defined how geoscientists adapt to the changing of the global situation, from this theme, we would like to share how the "New Normal" conditions affect GnG and the way GnG uses Artificial Intelligence in their work so that AI will not entirely replace GnG.

There were four great speakers who graced our event: Mr. Bruno de Ribet as Global Director, Strategic Projects at Emerson E&P Software, Mr. Robert “Bob” C. Shoup as Chief Geologist for subsurface consulting & Associates LLC and the Director for Clastic Reservoir System, Mr. Suwarta as an Assistant Manager Upstream Data Science at Pertamina, and Mr. Epo Kusumah as a lecturer in Universitas Pertamina. This series of events we managed attracted more than 200 participants. Mr. Dwandari Ralanarko, as a representative from AAPG Asia Pacific Region and AAPG Indonesia also attended these webinars and career talk series.

Besides, IES 2020 launched a new novel event. This year, IES included a competition: Infographic Competition. The goal is to introduce people to technology and media, also the advantages of an infographic that can display information and presentation flow of images. Infographics facilitate the introduction of the latest technology for energy exploration activities better. We closed IES 2020 with the final stage of the infographic competition, where ten finalists of the competition presented their ideas through oral presentations. We hope this series of events can comprehensively give a unique and remarkable experience to all participants, especially for those who have an interest in the energy field, and we are looking forward to your participation again for IES 2021.

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