Deep Learning/Machine Learning Technical Interest Group (TIG)

Applying new analytics, neural networks, computational approaches using structured and unstructured data, and also training neural networks with supervised and unsupervised algorithms. Chaired by Patrick Ng and Andrew Munoz.
Deep Learning - Machine Learning TIG
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0 Replies and 707 Views Read This First!      707  0 Started by  Bogdan Michka Welcome to AAPG N.E.T., an online space where you can Network, Engage and Talk. Please complete the following steps before you begin interacting with the discussion boards: 1. Take time to review your profile and privacy settings, paying attention to your display name and photo, as they will be used to identify your posts. 2. Read the Discussion Boards FAQ page to learn the rules and get familiar with the features: — pa...
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09 May 2017 03:37 PM
0 Replies and 42 Views Python speaking ViperGPT  42  0 Started by  Patrick Ng For those who are interested in getting under the GPT 'hood', this may be an interesting entry. 'Columbia University introduce ViperGPT1' It is new and open source - perhaps alt ChatGPT (different approach). '... provide a Python library that enables the quick creation of programs for visual tasks a...
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20 Mar 2023 09:40 PM
0 Replies and 43 Views ChatGPT Bing on Geothermal  43  0 Started by  Patrick Ng Just as we may anticipate, chatbot has its own personality. Check out 12.16.2022 my first encounter with OpenAI ChatGPT on geothermal (exact same topic). Different response and style(s). Good, bad or ugly - that is all up to your preference. Business model of online dating beckons Here is one experiment - asking ChatGPT Bing on geothermal regarding 1) Where 2) How 3) What a...
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19 Mar 2023 02:28 PM
0 Replies and 47 Views ChatGPT on Climate Change  47  0 Started by  Patrick Ng 'To my surprise, after I waited a day and asked the exact same question again, I got this significantly different answer:' Given that ChatGPT, unlike Google or Bing Search, doesn't show links or reference to the source of information, we can come up with our own interpretation. 1) ChatGPT picks up different pattern between last and the new question, hence different answer. 2...
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10 Mar 2023 05:50 PM
0 Replies and 50 Views Reinforcement Learning Tutorial Video  50  0 Started by  Patrick Ng Much hoopla has been made on ChatGPT - good, bad or ugly. The video is opportune 57 min to get a good / closer look at what goes into building generative AI application, of which ChatGPT is one. 'Stone Tao, co-founder of Lux AI, walks through his reinforcement learning tutorial – it's a perfect quick start into how RL generally works, and how to program a basic agent.' Have fun and feel free to post your thoughts here (Deep Learning TIG can us...
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21 Feb 2023 08:59 PM
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