Credentials Committee-HoD

The Credentials Committee shall consist of five (5) members including a Chair to serve one (1) year terms. In the event one (1) or more members must relinquish his or her seat for any reason, the Chair of the House shall have the authority to appoint a replacement. Officers of the House may not serve on this Committee. The Committee shall submit to the Chair of the House at the scheduled meetings an attested roll of Delegates, Alternate Delegates, and Appointed Alternate Delegates who are qualified.

Only Delegates, chosen by means given in Article IV of the Association Bylaws, may be considered as qualified. A qualified Delegate shall be a full voting member in good standing of the Association as defined by the Constitution and Bylaws as of the time of designation and during tenure in the House of Delegates. Qualified society Delegates shall be members of the Affiliated Society that they represent. Appointed alternate delegates whose names are not received in writing by the Headquarters office of the Association at least fifteen (15) days prior to the meeting of the House of Delegates for which they are appointed to serve shall not be qualified to serve as Delegates at such meeting.

In the event of a dispute over credentials, the Chair shall place the matter before the House. In this event, the Committee shall submit verbally, and in writing, to the House its reason for withholding accreditation. Immediately thereafter, the designating society as well as the nominated Delegate or Alternate may submit verbally, and in writing, reasons to support accreditation of the Delegate. The House shall vote on the dispute with a majority vote governing.


This committee is charged with the responsibility of checking each of the delegates, alternate delegates or appointed alternate delegates into the annual HoD delegates meeting. Attendees at the annual meeting must be validated before being seated and this is performed by the Credentials Chair and the help of the current HoD Officer Candidates, as well as the appointed YP Observer. Society representatives who are not on the pre-approved list, must be presented before the House and voted in before being seated. The Credentials Chair presents the list of names to the Chair of the House, requesting the House vote to seat these attendees, but only after being certified they meet society and Member requirements.

Please contact your delegate with your comments and questions.

Review the Proposed Bylaws Changes now.

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My committee’s job is to check each of the delegates, alternate delegates or appointed alternate delegates into the Denver HoD delegates meeting.
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The Credentials Committees consists of the chair and four members. Members are the 2015 candidates for HoD chair-elect (James McGhay and Dwight “Clint” Moore) and for secretary/editor (Michael Allison and Stephen Levine).

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As of 9:08 a.m. Sunday, April 6, 2014, 195 delegates were seated prior to the report from the Credentials Committee. The total number of elected delegates is 226; therefore, the presence of 114 delegates was required for a quorum during the House of Delegates meeting.


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