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Critical Minerals Committee-EMD

If you would like to learn more about critical minerals or to receive information on critical minerals, or on activities of the EMD Critical Minerals Committee, join the EMD.

Jesse  Edmondson Jesse Edmondson Chair 2019-2021 US Critical Minerals
Murray Walter Hitzman Murray Walter Hitzman Co-Chair 2019-2021 UCD
Lindsay Allan Ross Lindsay Allan Ross Co-Chair 2019-2021 Cherryvale Partners
Michael D. Campbell Committee Member 2019-2021 I2M Consulting, LLC
Anthony George Doré Committee Member 2019-2021 EGI
Francois C. Marechal Committee Member 2019-2021 Geo-Libre Inc.
Edith Newton Wilson Committee Member 2019-2021 Rock Whisperer LLC

The purpose of the Critical Minerals Committee of the EMD is to facilitate the engagement of AAPG members with the current and emerging technologies for exploration, resource modelling, economics and extraction of critical energy minerals. A critical mineral is defined as a naturally occurring and extractable-from-rock commodity, outside of petroleum and uranium, that is vital to current and emerging energy technology, and at the same time, limited in supply by current or forecast requirement.

Committee Reports

Desktop /Portals/0/docs/emd/reports/annual-meeting/2019-05-18/2019-EMD-AnnualMeetingCriticalMinerals.pdf?ver=2019-05-16-090242-837?pdfwidth=306&pdfheight=400&subpixels=true&page=1&format=jpg&width=100&height=100&mode=crop&anchor=topcenter&quality=90&encoder=freeimage&progressive=true&trim.threshold=255 52840

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