Officers Committee-HoD

The officers of the House of Delegates include the Chair, Secretary/Editor, and Chair-Elect. The Chair-Elect and Secretary/Editor are voted on annually at the House of Delegates annual meeting. The Chair-Elect serves in that position for one year and then moves into the Chair position.

HoD Officers

John  Kaldi John Kaldi Chair 2019-2020 University
Steven H. Brachman Steven H. Brachman Chair Elect 2019-2020 Wapiti Energy, LLC
Jennifer Leigh Gamrod Jennifer Leigh Gamrod Secretary Editor 2019-2020 Diamondback Energy

HoD Leadership

Headquarters Contacts

Vicki L. Beighle
Vicki Beighle Adminstrative Team Lead, AAPG +1 918 560 2615