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Like many of my age cohort, I often listen to podcasts on my daily commute to work. One of my favorites is Motley Fool’s “Rule Breakers,” a stock market-oriented podcast by David Gardner. One of the common refrains he uses to describe his stock-selecting philosophy is that he looks for “dark clouds I can see through.” The premise is simple: if a company has been beaten down for a good reason, but you have line of sight on that issue being resolved, there exists an opportunity to acquire at a good value and profit from the recovery. Can we see through the dark clouds that hang over the industry today, to a brighter future?

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Along with the rest of the world, the AAPG-YP London Chapter did not escape the repercussions of the gloomy pandemic; adapting to the virtual world was necessary. In the “normal” world, attending a career fair has always been a top priority for any graduating geoscientist, especially in these challenging times for the industry when many jobs have been cut off. On the other hand, many new jobs have sprung up with the energy transition. What are the transferable skills? Is it still worthwhile to get a master’s degree in an oil and gas-related field? Is it still possible to have a career in oil and gas? These were just some of the vital and timely questions raised at the virtual career fair organized in December by the YP London Chapter members.

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Paul Bovet, AAPG Young Professional talks about the benefits of being involved in AAPG at the 2015 Young Professionals Reception, Denver, Colorado.

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01 Jun

High CO2, High Contaminant Challenging Fields and Alternative Energy - Impact and Monetization - Call for Abstracts Expires in 16 days

Alternative Resources, Basin Modeling and Geochemistry, Basin ModelingAsia/Pacific Region - ...Malaysia
30 Jun

AAPG Caribbean Technical Symposium - Call for Proposals Expires in 45 days

United States - ...Mid-Continent Section - ......Texas | Virtual

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Telemachos Manos Geologist, AAPG Global YP Co-Chair, Avid Explorer! (703) 673-6863
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Juan Quinto Subsurface Geologist, AAPG Global YP Co-Chair

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