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Amanda Barlow - My Unconventional Career as a Female Wellsite Geologist - Adapting to family life and industry challenges in a male-dominated industry

AAPG Presents Series

AAPG Presents Series


Presented by Amanda Barlow, Independent Wellsite Geologist

Amanda will be giving a run down on the progression of her career from working in mineral drilling roles to working as a wellsite geologist in offshore oil and gas drilling operations. Being a female in a male-dominated industry can present obstacles but Amanda will cover this, as well as such topics as:

  • Deciding what field of geology to study at university
  • What role options there are for graduate geologists and how to choose what's right for you
  • Taking a career break to start a family
  • Resuming your career when the time is right
  • Making the decision to cross industries from minerals to oil and gas
  • What a wellsite geologist actually does
  • Navigating the ever-increasing shift from full-time employment to contractor employment
  • Evaluating your suitability to field based work compared with office based work
  • Deciding if you should stay in the industry or look elsewhere for work during a downturn in the O&G industry
  • Ideas for surviving a downturn in the industry
  • Becoming a published author and how to share your knowledge and experience with the world through writing and publishing your own books

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