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Mexican Basins: Advancing the Understanding of Mexico's Geology and Hydrocarbon Potential

Occurred Thursday, 19 November Friday, 20 November 2020, 8:00 a.m.–6:00 p.m.  |  Virtual Research Symposium via Zoom (Mexico City, Mexico time)

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Explore Mexico from the comfort of your desk with content from the Mexican Basins Virtual Research Symposium organized by AAPG’s Latin America and Caribbean Region in partnership with Mexican Association of Petroleum Geologists and Geophysicists and with support from the Mexican Association of Exploration Geophysicists and the Mexican Geological Survey.

The Mexican Basins Symposium formed part of the AAPG’s Latin America and Caribbean Region’s 2020 Virtual Research Symposia Series highlighting the geology of some of the Latin America and Caribbean Region’s most prolific basins.

Targeted to researchers and professionals working both in industry and academia, each 2-day symposium featured technical sessions, keynote presentations, interactive Q&A sessions and panel discussions featuring experts in the field.


All times are listed in CST/CDMX (GMT -6)

Presentations will be delivered in English unless otherwise noted. Presentation slides will be shown in English.

All symposium materials, including abstracts and presenter bios, will be provided in English.

Thursday, November 19
08:00-08:15 Welcome and Opening Remarks
Elvira Pureza Gómez, President, AAPG Latin America and Caribbean Region, Faustino Monroy Santiago, President, AMGP
08:15-08:45 Instituto Mexicano del Petróleo: Solutions for the Petroleum Industry
Marco Antonio Osorio Bonilla, Director, Instituto Mexicano del Petróleo (IMP)
SESSION I: Tectonics and Structural Geology
Conveners: Ricardo José Padilla y Sánchez, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México; Jorge Jacobo Albarrán, Instituto Politécnico Nacional
08:45-09:30 Keynote: Key highlights of Mexico’s Mesozoic-Cenozoic Plate Tectonic Evolution
James Pindell (presenter), Tectonic Analysis, Rice University; R. Molina-Garza, Centro de Geociencias, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México; R. Graham, Imperial College London; D. Villagómez, Tectonic Analysis; B. Weber, Ensenada Center for Scientific Research and Higher Education (CICESE)
09:30-10:00 Relating Structural Style of Campeche Salt Basin, Southwestern Gulf of Mexico to Subtle, Northward Dip Variations in its Underlying Basement
Md Nahidul Hasan (presenter), P. Mann, University of Houston
10:00-10:30 Integrated Cretaceous Plate Tectonics and Structural Geology in Southern Mexico
Rod Graham (presenter), Imperial College London; J. Pindell, D. Villagomez, Tectonic Analysis; R. Molina-Garza, M. Sierra Rochas, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México; J. Granath, Granath and Associates
10:30-10:45 Break
10:45-11:15 Comments on the Regional Structure of the Salina del Istmo Basin, Southern Gulf of Mexico
Daniel Olivares Ramos, Petroleum Geology Consultant
11:15-11:45 Balanced Structural Geological Model of the Zaap Field
Marlen Medina Macedo, Facultad de Ingeniería, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México – Spanish Presentation
11:45-12:15 Paleomagnetism of the Barremian Chivillas Formation, NW Cuicateco Terrane: Evidence for a final Stage Opening of the Gulf of Mexico?
Bernardo Ignacio García Amador (presenter), B. Ortega-Guerrero, L. Alva-Valdivia, Instituto de Geofísica, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
12:15-12:30 Session Wrap-up with Conveners and Presenters
12:30-13:00 The Role of Geology in Exploration and Production: Opportunities for Technology Transfer in Mexico
Ulises Neri Flores, General Director for the Promotion of Productive Chains and Investment in the Energy Sector, Economy Secretariat, Government of Mexico
SESSION II: Sedimentology, Stratigraphy and Biostratigraphy
Convener: Gustavo Murillo Muñetón & Ricardo Torres, Instituto Mexicano del Petróleo;
13:30-14:15 Keynote: The Importance of Regional to Basin-scale Paleogeographic Reconstructions for Exploration in Offshore Mexican Basins
John W. Snedden, Institute for Geophysics, The University of Texas at Austin
14:15-14:45 New Perspectives on the Todos Santos “Group”, the Chontal an Allochthon, and the Rotation History of the Chiapas Massif, Southern Mexico
Roberto Molina Garza (presenter), Centro de Geociencias, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México; J. Pindell, Tectonic Analysis
14:45-15:15 Paleo-Canyons and Hydrocarbon Trapping in the Tampico-Misantla Basin, Eastern Mexico
Stephen P. J. Cossey, Cossey and Associates Inc. (presenter); Mark R. Bitter, Marbit Geoconsulting
15:15-15:45 Near Shore Untapped Hydrocarbon Potential from Burgos to Southeast Offshore Mexico
Karyna Rodriguez (presenter), N. Hodgson, Searcher
15:45-16:00 Break
16:00-16:30 Sedimentologic Characterization of Sandstones in Chicontepec Basin
José Aurelio España Pinto (presenter), D.M. Anaya-Saldívar, J.A. España-Pinto, R. Nicolás-López, O.C. Valdiviezo-Mijangos y J.M. Espinosa-Ortega, Instituto Mexicano del Petróleo
16:30-17:00 Bioevents and Microfacies from the Upper Jurassic Tithonian (Pimienta Formation) in the Northeast of Mexico: Biostratigraphic, Paleonvironmental and Economic Implications
Baltazar Hernández Sánchez, Petróleos Mexicanos (PEMEX) – Spanish Presentation
17:00-17:30 Influence of Depositional Sedimentary Record on Diagenesis and Reservoir Quality: Assessment of Preserved Aeolian Norphlet Sandstone (Upper Jurassic) Mexico: Current Understanding and Future Prospects
Afsoon Kazerouni, Bemidji State University
17:30-17:45 Session Wrap-up with Convener and Presenters
18:00-19:00 Virtual Networking /Trivia Contest
Led by AAPG Mexico YP & Student Chapters
Friday, November 20
08:00-08:30 AAPG Activities in Latin America
Elvira Pureza Gómez, President, AAPG Latin America and Caribbean Region
SESSION III: Geochemistry and Basin Modeling
Conveners: Sandra Ortega, Instituto Mexicano del Petróleo; Lourdes Clara, AMGP
08:30-09:15 Keynote: The Missing Source Rocks of the Gulf of Mexico Mega-Basin
Andrew Pepper (presenter), Andrew Pepper, L. Heister, A. Pradono, M. Moldowan, This is Petroleum Systems LLC
09:15-09:45 Oil and Gas Resources of the Tampico - Misantla Basin
Alfredo E. Guzmán, Mexican Petroleum Company
09:45-10:15 New Exploration Play Concepts in the Tampico-Misantla Basin, from an Understanding of its Thermal Burial History and Source Rock Maturation
Mark Shann (presenter), K. Vazquez Reyes, M.B. Canchola, Geomarcas SRL and Wintershall DEA
10:15-10:30 Break
10:30-11:00 Environmental Drivers of Organic Matter Deposition into the Pimienta Formation During the Jurassic–Cretaceous Transition in Central-Eastern Mexico
Mario Martínez-Yáñez (presenter), SEPI-ESIA Unidad Ticoman, Instituto Politécnico Nacional; F. Núñez-Useche, Instituto de Geología, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
11:00-11:30 The Southern Gulf of Mexico: A Natural Laboratory of Petroleum Formation
Demetrio Santamaría-Orozco, Univerisdad Nacional Autónoma de México – Spanish Presentation
11:30-11:45 Session Wrap Up with Conveners and Presenters
13:00-13:30 Integration of Seismic Methods and Potential Methods for Geophysical Image Building
Humberto Salazar Soto, Geophysical Studies Manager, PEMEX
SESSION IV: Geophysics and Reservoir Characterization
Conveners: Jorge Mendoza-Amuchastegui, Instituto Mexicano del Petróleo; Rodrigo Hernández, Comsión Nacional de Hidrocarburos
13:30-14:15 Keynote: From Data to Discovery in the Gulf of Mexico South: New Methods for Digital and Subsurface Integration
Marco Antonio Arreguin, Western Geco Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean
14:15-14:45 Results of the Application of Rock Physics in Unconventional Resources
Hugo Avalos Torres (presenter), L. Velasquez-Contreras, M.A. Porras Vazquez, O. Fabela-Rodriguez, Petróleos Mexicanos (PEMEX) – Spanish Presentation
14:45-15:15 Lithology’s Petroelastic Characterization of the Eagle Ford Group by Using Modern Rock Physics Templates
Rubén Nicolás-López (presenter), J. M. Espinosa-Ortega, J.A. España-Pinto, O.C. Valdiviezo-Mijangos, Instituto Mexicano del Petróleo
15:15-15:45 Qualitative Interpretation of Potential Methods in the Terrestrial Portion of the Geological Province of the Yucatan Platform: the Extension to Mexico of the Sedimentary Basins of Corozal (Belize) and Petén (Guatemala)
Edilberto R. Hernández Flores, Independent Consultant– Spanish Presentation
15:45-16:00 Break
16:00-16:30 Methodology for Regional Velocity Models Using 2D and 3D Data for Depth Conversion
Moises Huicochea Campos, Schlumberger (presenter); F. Rocha Legorreta, Instituto Mexicano del Petróleo; D. M. Tellez Castro, Universidad Central de Venezuela, S. R. Mata Garcia, Schlumberger
16:30-17:00 AVO Analysis and Characterization of Shallow Geo-Risks: a Case Study in Deep-Water Gulf of Mexico
David López Palacios (presentador); J.M. Espinosa Ortega, Instituto Mexicano del Petróleo
17:00-17:15 Session Wrap Up with Conveners and Presenters
17:15-18:15 Closing Panel Discussion: Advances in Understanding Mexico's Geology and Hydrocarbon Potential
Moderator: Faustino Monroy Santiago, President, AMGP
Panelists: Ricardo José Padilla y Sánchez, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México; Sandra Ortega Lucach, Instituto Mexicano del Petróleo (IMP); Gustavo Murillo Muñetón, IMP; Jorge Mendoza-Amuchastegui, IMP
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Emily Smith Llinás AAPG Latin America & Caribbean Region Manager
Diana Ruiz Vásquez AAPG Latin America & Caribbean Region Events Coordinator

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