Latin America & Caribbean Region Report August 2019

American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG)

AAPG LACR Leadership Team meeting held at ICE Buenos Aires

Special Event
Secretary of Energy Gustavo Lopetegui and YPF CEO Daniel González inaugurating the ICE Buenos Aires exhibition
Secretary of Energy Gustavo Lopetegui and YPF CEO Daniel González inaugurating the ICE Buenos Aires exhibition
ICE Buenos Aires 2019:Expanding Frontiers and Unlocking Resources for Future Generations*
  • In addition to a rich technical program with eight session themes, ICE Buenos Aires featured the following business development sessions:
    • Regulator Forum, with talks from Argentina’s Secretary of Energy, and regulatory agency executives from Brazil, Colombia and Peru
    • Latin America Oil & Gas Forum, including talks from the YPF CEO and executives from Ecopetrol and YPFB Corporation
    • Tango performance at the ICE Buenos Aires Opening Ceremony
      Tango performance at the ICE Buenos Aires Opening Ceremony
    • IOC Forum, with presentations by senior executives from Shell, ExxonMobil, Equinor and Total
    • Special Country Sessions, highlighting industry trends and investment opportunities in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico and Peru,
  • The conference also included a Global Super Basins session and networking and professional development activities for students and young professionals
  • Additional features included a VGP Symposium and U-Pitch Technology Showcase
  • Also launched Vaca Muerta Special publication, available for pre-sale in the AAPG store
  • Event attendance exceeded 1500
2019 Student-Young Professional Leadership Summit*
AAPG LACR Student-YP Leadership Summit Participants
AAPG LACR Student-YP Leadership Summit Participants
  • 30 August – 1 September 2019 in Buenos Aires
  • Sponsors: Chevron, ExxonMobil, Shell and Tecpetrol
  • The 17 Summit participants represented the countries below, including one student per country and one YP from the countries where YP chapters exist (*).
    • Argentina*
    • Bolivia*
    • Brazil*
    • Colombia*
    • Ecuador
    • Mexico*
    • Peru*
    • Suriname
    • Trinidad & Tobago*
    • Uruguay
    • Venezuela
  • Event program included:
    • Technical sessions (including Vaca Muerta sessions by YPF and Tecpetrol)
    • Professional development/career path sessions delivered by AAPG Global and LACR leadership and international guests from academia and industry
    • Chapter Snapshots session highlighting best practices and lessons learned (delivered by summit participants)
    • Full-day leadership development and communications training delivered by MAGA Coaches, a Colombian company dedicated to organizational consulting through leadership processes and personal/team growth
  • Summit was very well-received by participants, LACR and AAPG leadership and guests representing sponsoring companies
Advance the science of geology
Visiting Geoscientist Program (VGP)
  • 8 August - Gustavo Carstens delivered the talk "Conceptual Aspects of the Exploration with Seismic Methods" at the National University of Córdoba in Argentina. 39 students attended.
  • 12 August – Ray Leonard delivered the talk “Climate Change, Geology, Astronomy and Fossil Fuels” and the workshop “3D Seismic for Deep Water Exploration” at the University of Buenos Aires in Argentina. 25 students and 2 young professionals attended.
  • 21-22 and 27-28 August – Jul Roldán Guevara, delivered the course “Petrophysical parameters and estimation of hydrocarbon resources” at Universidad Nacional de Piura, Piura, Perú. 23 students and YPs attended.
  • 24 August – Elvira Pureza Gómez delivered the talk “Petroleum Systems and Geological Risk” at the Universidad Mayor de San Andres in La Paz, Bolivia. 57 students and 2 guests attended.
  • 26 August – Elvira Pureza Gómez delivered the talk “Sustainable Energy in Uruguay: Opportunities for Geoscience Professionals?” for the University of the Republic in Montevideo, Uruguay. 15 students and 2 guests attended.
  • 26 August – Flover Rodriguez had a lecture and discussion “Geology: Beyond a Natural Science” for the University of the Republic in Montevideo, Uruguay. 15 students and 2 guests attended
  • 27 August – the Latin America and Caribbean Region VGP Committee organized the first-ever Visiting Geoscientist Symposium in conjunction with AAPG ICE Buenos Aires. The symposium featured the following talks:
    • Applying Balance and Restoration Methods in the Exploration of Fold and Thrust Belt in Bolivia, Ana María Goncalves, YPFB Chaco, Bolivia
    • Deepwater Sandstone Turbidites and Fold & Thrust Belts: Case studies from Offshore Tobago and Onshore Trinidad, Xavier Moonan, Touchstone Exploration, Trinidad & Tobago
    • Sustainable Energy in Latin America: an Inclusive Perspective from the Oil and Gas Industry, Elvira Pureza Gómez, CNOOC International, Colombia
    • Establishing and Managing Your Career in the Petroleum Industry, John Kaldi, University of Adelaide, Australia
    • The Shifting Sands of Career Progression, Gretchen Gillis, Aramco Services Company , Houston and Dave Cook, Past AAPG Vice President – Regions, United States/United Kingdom
Earth Science Week


  • 30 August - UFPR, Curitiba, Brazil. Held a class for 44 children at Duílio Calderari Public School (ages 5 to 11) covering topics such as Rock Cycle and Earth Science Career. Activity developed in a partnership with SEG-Geophysics and SEG-Economic Geology Student Chapters. 4 YP Brazil chapter members served as instructors.
Promote the use of technology
GTW Suriname 2019: Recent Discoveries and Exploration and Development Opportunities in the Guiana Basin
  • Paramaribo, 5-7 November 2019
  • Confirmed sponsorships from Staatsolie, Apache, Kosmos, Halliburton, Tullow, Cairn Energy; several other companies expressed interest
  • Finalizing program and promoting registration
  • Session Themes:
    • Tectonic Setting and Prospectivity in the Guiana Basin
    • Prospectivity and Plays in Suriname, Guyana and French Guiana
    • Maximizing Resource Potential in Emerging Basins
    • Enhancing Exploration and Development through Integration and Data Management
    • Beyond Guiana: Emerging Plays, Prospects and Discoveries throughout the Caribbean
    • Government-Industry-Community: Collaborative Strategies for Emerging Hydrocarbon Economies
Geology and Hydrocarbon Potential of the Circum-Gulf of Mexico Pre-salt Section
  • Mexico City,4-6 February 2020
  • Technical committee working actively to develop program and seek sponsorships
  • Call for abstracts open through 15 October
GTW Colombia 2020: Exploration & Development in Southern Caribbean Frontier Basins
  • Barranquilla, April 2020
  • Forming organizing committee and meeting with stakeholders to define date and venue
  • Confirming sponsorships from Shell, Noble, ANH and Ecopetrol
  • Session Themes:
    • Tectonic Setting and Petroleum Systems
    • Recent Discoveries and New Plays
    • Enhanced Imaging and AVO/DHI
    • Risk Reduction and Drilling Optimization
    • Special Session: Potential for Development of Unconventional Resources in Colombia
    • Special Session: Government Strategies to Support Colombia’s Energy Sector
Energy Opportunities Conference, Exhibition and B2B Session
  • Mexico City, 23-24 September 2020
  • Conference Sessions:
    • Maximizing the Region’s Energy Matrix
    • Results from Recent Offshore Exploration Campaigns
    • Investment Outlook and Legal Frameworkfor Energy Projects
    • Connecting Industry, Government and Regulators
    • Disruptive Technologies and their Impact on the Energy Sector
    • Sustainable Development and Social License to Operate
    • Reducing Risk and Optimizing Costs in the New Energy Era
  • Other event features:
    • Country Snapshots: open acreage, licensing and bid rounds throughout the region
    • Business-to-business session: one-on-one meetings with current and future partners in private conference rooms
    • U-Pitch Technology Showcase: shark tank-style session connecting entrepreneurs with investors
    • 1000 m2 exhibition featuring individual stands and country pavilions
  • Negotiating venue contract with Camino Real Hotel in Polanco
  • Promoted the conference with a dedicated stand at ICE Buenos Aires
  • Serve AAPG members throughout the Region
    Region website & social media as of 4 September 2019
    • Facebook page has 1913 followers (increased 2.7%)
    • Twitter account has 685 followers (increased 2.2%)
    • LinkedIn account has 1181 followers (increased 15.8%)
    Develop the next generation of geoscientists
    Student Chapters

    July activities not previously reported

    • 6 July – UWI, Trinidad & Tobago. Participated with the AAPG YPTT in field trip "The Structure and Exploration Potential of the San Francique East Oilfield" led by Xavier Moonan and Mark Bishop. 17 people attended.
    • 30 July - UFRRJ, Seropédica, Brazil, attended the conference “ANP Technical Seminar” for upcoming bidrounds. 1 student attended.

    August activities

    • 1 August - UMSA, La Paz, Bolivia, held the talk “Geological mapping techniques”. 45 students attended.
    • 2 August - ESPOL, Guayaquil, Ecuador, held the activity “Workshop: Well Registration Evaluation, Season 1”. 15 students attended.
    • 5 August - UFS, São Cristovão, Brazil, held the activity: "More geology with the lecture: Effective Methods for Identifying Groundwater." by Alan Cardoso and Matheus Falheiros. 2 official members and 10 students attended.
    • 5 August - UFPR, Curitiba, Brazil, held the semiannual executive committee meeting with the aim to establish new goals for the upcoming semester. 5 students attended.
    • 5-9 August - UNS, Bahía Blanca, Argentina, held the course "Prospection, production and refinement of petroleum" by Dra. Nora Cesaretti, Dra. Natalia Fortunatti, Dr. César Lanz and Eng. Macelino Alonso. 250 geologic, mechanical and chemical engineering students and professionals attended.
    • 6 August - UdelaR, Montevideo, Uruguay, in collaboration with ANCAP's Exploration and Production Management held the short course "Core Samples and Cuttings management", by Dra. Manuela Morales (Faculty Advisor, Mineral Resources Associate Professor) and Rodrigo Novo (Exploration and Production, ANCAP). 29 students attended.
    • 7 August - UNISINOS, São Leopoldo, Brazil, held the lecture "The Lake of Pre Salt" by Roberto D'avila, manager of sedimentology and stratigraphy of Petrobras. More than 60 people attended.
    • 7-11 August - UNMSM, Lima, Peru, held the workshop and field trip "Application of the Sequential Stratigraphy Methodology in Transtensive Basins, example Pisco Basin" by Eng. Gerardo Pozo and Eng. Edson Castillo. 29 students attended.
    • 7 and 23 August - UFPR, Curitiba, Brazil, held the meetings between the UFPR Students Chapters: AAPG, SEG-Geophysics and SEG-Economic Geology regarding the topics covered and materials to be used on the Curitiba city management project "Scientist at School". 7 students attended.
    • 8 August - UNC, Córdoba, Argentina hosted a talk by Gustavo Carstens (see VG section)
    • 8 August - UNS, Bahía Blanca, Argentina, held the course "Geological control and cutting description" by Juan Vitone (YPF) and Marcelo Cerquetti (Orion excel S.A). 22 geology students and graduates attended.
    • 9 August - UIS, Bucaramanga, Colombia, participated in the organization of Earth Science Week event together with other student chapters in the university. 15 students attended.
    • 12 August –UBA, Buenos Aires Argentina hosted Ray Leonard lecture and workshop (see VGP section)
    • 14 August - ESPOL, Guayaquil, Ecuador, held the activity “Workshop: Well Registration Evaluation, Season 2”. 12 students attended.
    • 14-15 August - ESPOL, Guayaquil, Ecuador, participated in “Expo-Geosciences 2019: Conferences” and “Expo-Geosciences 2019: Science Fair.” 30-50 students attended each day.
    • 14 August - UNMSM, Lima, Peru, held the short course "Invertebrate Paleontology" by Andrea Villaseca Robertson. 45 students attended.
    • 14 August - UPAMPLONA, Cucuta, Colombia, participated in the XVII Colombian Geology Congress in Santa Marta, Colombia. 40 students attended, and one served as a volunteer at the AAPG Stand.
    • 15 August - ESPOL, Guayaquil, Ecuador, held the activity “Importance of Geology”. 1098 visualizations on social networks.
    • 15 August - UIS, Bucaramanga, Colombia, held the activity "Introduction to X-ray Computed Tomography" directed by Sonia Quintero Antolinez and Laura Daniela Silva. 25 students attended.
    • 16 August - UMSA, La Paz, Bolivia, hosted the webinar "Reflection seismic". 20 student participated.
    • 19-22 August - UFRRJ, Seropédica, Brazil, and UFRJ, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, attended the conference "16th International Congress from Brazilian Society of Geophysics". 2 members from each chapter attended.
    • 21 August - UNICAMP, Campinas, Brazil, held the activity "AAPG Young Professionals Brazil and the Ready to Work Program" by Letícia Corrêa. 20 students attended.
    • 21-22 / 27-28 August - UNP, Piura, Peru, held the course "Petrophysical Parameters and Estimation of Hydrocarbon Resources" by M.Sc. Eng. Jul Roldan Guevara (VG). 23 students and professionals attended.
    • 22-23 August - UMSA, La Paz, Bolivia, held the technical and practical course of First Aid. 32 students attended.
    • 23 August - UIS, Bucaramanga, Colombia hosted the conference: "Use of seismic information for geomechanical 3D modeling", directed by geologist Erik Villamizar. 10 students attended.
    • 24-27 August - UBA, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Julian España Zapata and Sebastian Vicondo participated in a Pre-ICE Field Trip and a Pre-ICE Course, respectively, thanks to scholarships given by AAPG affiliated society AAGGP.
    • 24 August - UMSA, La Paz, Bolivia, conference "Petroleum systems and geological risk analysis". 40 students attended.
    • 26 August - UBA, Buenos Aires, Argentina, hosted the conference: “Deep Learning and Machine Learning for Geosciences” by: PhD Pedro Mario Cruz e Silva. 26 students attended.
    • 26 August UDELAR, Montevideo, Uruguay hosted visit from Elvira Gómez and Flover Rodriguez (see VG section)
    • 26-28 August - UNMSM, Lima, Peru, held the workshop "Subsurface Geological Mapping Techniques Applied to Exploration and Production of Hydrocarbons" by Eng. Kiko Valencia. 20 students attended.
    • 27-30 August - UdelaR, Montevideo, Uruguay, attended the ICE event in Buenos Aires. 7 members attended.
    • 27-30 August - UBA, Buenos Aires, Argentina, attended the ICE event in Buenos Aires. 23 UBA students attended.
    • 29 August - AKUS, Paramaribo, Suriname, held the activity “First Aid Training by Medical Air Services”. 31 people attended.
    • 30 August - UNIPAMPA, Caçapava do Sul, Brazil, held the lecture "Infilling of a tectonically-active basin under minor glacial influence: The Carboniferous succession within the Leão paleo valley (southern Paraná Basin, Brazil)." 5 students attended.
    • 31 August - UNAM, Mexico City, Mexico, held the meetings to officially change the executive committee, confirm the activity Earth Science Week, and to plan the commemorative sports race of the 50th years geophysical engineering. 9 students attended.
    YP Chapters


    • The Chapter participated in the organization of the following activities conducted during the AAPG ICE Buenos Aires:
      • 27 August – YP Meet & Greet held at the Hilton Buenos Aires, 80 participants, including young professionals and industry mentors
      • 28 August – Student and YP Reception held at Calima Eventos, 150 participants, including AAPG President Mike Party and representatives from sponsoring company ExxonMobil
      • 29 August - Student and YP Roundtable:Career challenges and opportunities for Geoscientists in an Unconventional 21st Century held at the Hilton Buenos Aires. 70 participants


    • 23 August - MSc Elvira Pureza Gómez, Senior Geologist and AAPG LACR President, presented “Sustainable Energy Future in Bolivia: Opportunities for Professionals in Geoscience” as part of the XIV Session “Cycle of Geoscientific Talks” in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. 35 students, YPs and professionals attended.


    • 15 August - AAPG YP Brazil held a meeting to present the new board, discuss the new committees and plan Earth Science Week activities. 14 YPs attended.
    • 20-23 August - 13 chapter members were involved in presenting, attending and taking courses at the 16th International Congress organized by the Brazilian Society of Geophysics in Rio de Janeiro
    • 21 August – Chapter members presented the AAPG YP Brazil Chapter and the 2019 Ready to Work Program to students at Campinas University in São Paulo. 20 people attended.
    • 23 August - 2 YPs participated in the IX Universidade Estadual do Rio de Janeiro (UERJ) Geology Academic Week (SAGEO) Round Table
    • 26-28 August – The company Ellis offered a course about seismic interpretation using Paleoscan software exclusively to AAPG YP Chapter members. 10 members attended.
    • 27-30 August – 4 chapter members participated in the AAPG ICE event in Buenos Aires


    • 21-23 August – Chapter members helped to organize the NETWORK: New Energy Talents Workshop, supported by ACGGP in Bogotá, Colombia. The event had 63 participants, including students and young professionals and 45 speakers, recruiters and panelists.


    • The Chapter had a transition from the outgoing to incoming leadership committee.


    • 21-22 / 27-28 August – In conjunction with the UNP Student Chapter, held the course “Petrophysical Parameters and Estimation of Hydrocarbon Resources" by M.Sc. Eng. Jul Roldan Guevara (VG), in Piura, Peru. 23 people attended

    Trinidad & Tobago

    • 3-9 August – Xavier Moonan, Ariana Osman, Ibraheem Ali, Phillip Farfan, Saeed Khan, Stefon Harrypersad, Chantelle Hughes, Georgia Huggins led trips to various outcrops around Trinidad as the AAPG YPTT hosted MSc. students of Anton de Kom University in Suriname for a geological tour of Trinidad. 18 students attended.
    • 6 August – Dr. James Pindell presented the webinar “Geological Evolution of Barbados and its Petroleum System”. 30 persons attended.
    • 10 August – Xavier Moonan and Curtis Archie led a field trip to recently erupted Brickfield Mud Volcano and neighbouring Devil’s Woodyard Mud Volcano. 6 persons attended.
    • 27-29 August - AAPG ICE. 1 Trinidadian student and 5 YPs participated/presented posters in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


    • 17 August - Leadership Meeting between Venezuela YP Chapter and ESPOL Student Chapter from Ecuador. During the meeting, Venezuela chapter members provided advice on IBA rules and regulations and shared a workflow for how to organize the competition. 2 students and 1 YP participated.
    Upcoming Meetings
    • AAPGLAC Steering Committee Meeting: Wednesday, 18 September, 16:00 Bogota/Lima; 17:00 Port of Spain; 18:00 Rio de Janeiro/Buenos Aires

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