Membership Committee-HoD

The membership committee shall recruit new members to AAPG and work to retain existing members, following directives from the HOD and the AAPG Executive Committee related to membership and working with AAPG staff on initiatives pertaining to membership.

Frederick O'Kelly Haizlip Frederick O'Kelly Haizlip Co-Chair 2023-2025
Ahmed Mohammed Al-Hakami Committee Member 2023-2025 Saudi Aramco
Priscila Amaral Committee Member 2023-2024 Petrobras Research Institute
Robert Archer Committee Member 2023-2024 Hess Corporation
Tara Lynn Benda Committee Member 2020-2025 Equus Energy Partners
Justin Edward Birdwell Committee Member 2023-2025 U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) Central Energy Resources Science Center
Maren Leigh Blair Committee Member 2023-2024 Modern West Advisory
Chad Cummings Committee Member 2023-2025 Gunn Oil Company
Paula Cristina De Oliveira Committee Member 2023-2025 shell
Allan J. Filipov Committee Member 2023-2025 Subsurface Consultants LLC
Patrick James Gooding Committee Member 2023-2025 Retired
Ademola Lanisa Committee Member 2023-2025 TOTAL
Kenneth William Mohn Committee Member 2023-2024 Mohn & Associates, LLC
Vicki L. Beighle Staff Liaison 2016-2099 AAPG



2019-20 Membership Committee Report

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Vicki L. Beighle
Vicki Beighle Adminstrative Team Lead, AAPG +1 918 560 2615