Membership Committee-HoD

The Membership Committee is responsible for recruitment and retention of members for the benefit of the organization. As outlined within the bylaws, this committee is charged with ensuring the elected Delegates of the House are aware of their defined function to 'actively solicit applications from eligible geologists for membership …' They are to work with the Regions, Sections and local societies on ideas and initiatives to enhance membership.

Kristie Leigh Luchtel Ferguson Kristie Leigh Luchtel Ferguson Co-Chair 2019-2021 KLF Geological Consulting, LLC
Joel A. Alberts Committee Member 2019-2021 Chalk Creek Production llc
Ghada Almoulani Committee Member 2019-2021 Tatweer Petroleum
Chris Barton Committee Member 2019-2022 Shadow Energy Inc.
Donald Dean Clarke Committee Member 2018-2021
Anne C. Draucker Committee Member 2019-2021 Chevron
Meredith Faber Committee Member 2019-2021
Patrick James Gooding Committee Member 2019-2021
Andras Nemeth Committee Member 2018-2021 MOL Plc
Natasha Marie Rigg Committee Member 2019-2021 Rigg Geoscience
Ricardo Daniel Vargas Committee Member 2019-2021 Perenco Oil and Gas Colombia Limited
Patricia Ellen Walker Committee Member 2019-2021
Vicki L. Beighle Staff Liaison 2016-2099 AAPG



2019-20 Membership Committee Report

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