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Cindy Yeilding, IMAGE 2022 Michel T. Halbouty Lecture

IMAGE 2022 | Houston, Texas

IMAGE 2022 | Houston, Texas


Exploring our Future: New Opportunities for Geoscientists in a Low-Carbon World. Michel T. Halbouty Lecture presented by Cindy Yeilding at AAPG SEG IMAGE 2022 event in Houston, Texas.

The Michel T. Halbouty lecture series – funded by the AAPG Foundation – is an ongoing special event at the International Meeting for Applied Geoscience and Energy. Lecture topics are designed to focus either on wildcat exploration in any part of the world where major discoveries might contribute significantly to petroleum reserves, or space exploration where astrogeological knowledge would further mankind’s ability to develop resources on Earth and in the Solar System.

Michel T. Halbouty was a visionary: a rare and unique legend in geoscience, as well as in business, who epitomized the role of “The Explorer” in resource discovery and exploitation. In fact, one of his 350+ publications was titled “Exploration into the New Millennium.”

The objective of this talk is to share insights into how an exploration mindset like Halbouty’s can be expanded and applied to many aspects of energy and the environment. Decarbonization is a global priority, so “let’s explore” how geoscientists can and will play key roles in the invention and the application of technologies to help society progress in this collective quest.

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Embracing the exploration spirit so often embodied in the annual Halbouty Lecture, Cindy Yeilding, retired senior vice president of BP America, rallied and encouraged her audience at the August 2022 IMAGE conference to repurpose their geoscience knowledge and skillsets for the energy transition. As the world searches for viable ways to decarbonize, it will not be uncommon to hear people say, “That technology will never work at scale, or it might work but it’s never going to make any money,” Yeilding said. “Those are all parts of the energy transition conversation, which tells us that using our exploration mindset is right for new exploration opportunities.”

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