8-9 November 2016 | Warsaw, Poland

APPEX Regional 2016 – Call for Speakers!

American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG)

AAPG Europe will hold its annual regional upstream A&D (Acquisition and Divestment) conference 8-9 November in Warsaw, Poland – and this year we're offering you deal makers out there a chance to be one of our 20-minute "Keynote Speakers.”

We're looking for speakers who can present interesting, time-relevant topics to global upstream deal makers.

These talks are not intended to be sales pitches – those are reserved for the shorter Prospect Forum talks, by confirmed exhibitors selling upstream E&P deals.

We want keynote speakers who can discuss:
  • Issues relevant to the buying and selling upstream international opportunity.
  • A technical review of a new or existing play or region.
  • A financial view of prospectivity and ability to fund E&P.
  • A political take on new and existing regions that affects the ability of upstream companies to carry out E&P.

Over the past 15 years, APPEX has developed a reputation for the world's premier, "association driven" deal-making events. And APPEX prides itself on targeting relevant, timely issues – and then selecting capable speakers to deliver them.

Now it's your chance to be one of those speakers.

Conference Themes
  • Regional Overview
  • Regional A&D Deal Flow
  • An Unconventional Future
  • North Sea & Easterrn Atlantic
  • Baltic & Southern Gas Basin
  • Arctic Potential
  • Onshore Play Potential
  • Northern Mediterranean & Southern Atlantic
  • Eastern & Central Europe

To express your interest or find out more information about becoming a Keynote speaker at APPEX Regional 2016, contact .

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