07 July, 2022 Sydney New South Wales Australia

Structural Geology and Our Future - The Role of Tectonic Geoscience in Energy Transition, Focusing on the Asia-Pacific Region

6-7 July 2022
Sydney, Australia

This workshop will be presented as a hybrid event, In-Person in Sydney, Australia and Online.

Do you want to delve into recent breakthroughs in tectonic and structural geoscience technology? How about discuss the technical developments and disseminate your latest work, in an open forum of your peers? And then to cross pollinate with colleagues who have learnt in different settings like rare earth or base metal mining, hard rock geology, geothermal, or hydrogeology. As we transition to a new commercial reality for our industries, there has never been a more important time for Earth Scientists to take a seat at the table. This workshop is designed to share our knowledge but also covey our structural geology learnings in the petroleum sector to other branches of the geosciences, while learning from their experiences. 

In the petroleum industry, structural geology can sometimes be overlooked, yet forms an essential part of holistic Earth Science understanding. It provides the framework for sedimentation, formation of igneous rocks, deformation into metamorphic rocks and the formation of many of the resources we extract.

There are still many disagreements, uncertainties, and gaps in our knowledge regarding the impacts of tectonic stresses and resulting structural faulting, fracturing and deformation. Recent advances in our understanding of macro and micro tectonism have been led by rapid advances in technology, new data, advanced computer modelling, as well as a fresh look at old data and previous work. There is also an increasing need to share advances regarding the practice and application of techniques refined in the petroleum industry with other geoscience sectors. Conversely, petroleum scientists need to learn from structural geology challenges faced by the mining, sequestration, and geothermal sectors.

This workshop aims to share, discuss, and explore many of the latest developments in structure and tectonic geoscience. The workshop also will provide a virtual platform for discussion and knowledge sharing, bringing workers and scholars from different backgrounds together. This is a chance to bring together the best and latest developments in structural and tectonic Earth Science, argue with your peers and get instant feedback on your ideas, while taking a front row seat in energy transition.

Structural Geology and our Future Call for Abstracts Ends on 01 December, 2021

Submit your abstracts now for this exciting two-day AAPG Geosciences Technology Workshop (GTW).

Abstracts are welcomed by 1 December 2021 for the following proposed sessions/sub-themes, which will be finalized upon receipt of abstracts.

This workshop will be presented as a hybrid event, In-Person in Sydney, Australia and Online.

Proposed Sessions
  1. Regional tectonic settings - Plate movements within the region; tectonic history; palaeo-tectonic reconstructions
  2. New structural and tectonic techniques: remote sensing; potential fields; digitalisation; data integration; modelling and simulation
  3. Tectonic stresses, faulting and fracture systems, including implications for CO2 sequestration and geothermal/thermodynamic energy
  4. Geomechanics and prediction of trapping configurations
  5. Fold and Thrust Belts in the Asia Pacific Region
  6. Structural controls in base metal, rare Earth, and mineral exploration
  7. Tectonic settings and structural regimes key to Hydrogen and Helium exploration
  8. Impact of tectonics on geohazard assessment and geo-engineering
  9. Structural and fracture understanding for groundwater management


This workshop will be presented as a hybrid event, In-Person in Sydney, Australia and Online.

Sydney, Australia
Sydney, Australia Sydney, Australia No Flag 60687

This workshop will be presented as a hybrid event, In-Person in Sydney, Australia and Online.


Details coming soon.

This workshop will be presented as a hybrid event, In-Person in Sydney, Australia and Online.


Andre Anthony Coffa Andre Coffa Convener Principal Geologist AAPG Asia Pacific Region Council Treasurer, Pietrovin Consultants, Australia
Peter Desmond Grant Peter Grant Committee Member AAPG Asia Pacific Region Vice President and Managing Director, International Energy Solutions, Australia
Michael McWalter Michael McWalter Committee Member Business Unit AAPG Asia Pacific Immediate Past President and Special Adviser to the Country Manager, PNG, Oil Search Ltd , Papua New Guinea
Desmond Patrick Leech, PhD Desmond Leech Committee Member Technical Team Lead, Geoscience, Esso Australia Pty Ltd, Australia
Rosalind King Rosalind King Committee Member Structural Geologist, Head of Department of Earth Sciences, University of Adelaide, Australia
Simon P. Holford Simon Holford Committee Member Associate Professor of Petroleum Geoscience and Deputy Head of School, University of Adelaide, Australia
Myra Keep, PhD Myra Keep Committee Member Professor, Structural Geology and Tectonics, University of West Australia, Australia
Luke Mahoney Luke Mahoney Committee Member Geoscientist, Oil Search, Australia
Ken McClay Ken McClay Committee Member Adjunct Professor of Structural Geology, Australian School of Petroleum and Energy Resources, Australia
Ruth Wightman Ruth Wightman Committee Member Senior Structural Geologist, Oil Search, Australia
Sabin Zahirovic Sabin Zahirovic Committee Member School of Geosciences ARC DECRA Fellow, University of Sydney, Australia
Sandra McLaren Sandra McLaren Committee Member Associate Professor School of Earth Sciences, Faculty of Science, University of Melbourne, Australia
Christopher Frank Elders, PhD Christopher Elders Committee Member Professor, Petroleum Geology, Curtin University, Australia
Beatrice Jones Beatrice Jones Committee Member Senior Basin Modeller, Geosolutions, Shell, Australia
Merrie-Ellen Gunning Merrie-Ellen Gunning Committee Member Acting Branch Head, Basins Systems Branch-Minerals, Geosciences Australia, Australia
Stuart Clark Stuart Clark Committee Member Associate Professor, University of New South Wales, Australia
Programs Manager, AAPG Asia Pacific Region
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