Geostreamer - The preferred Broadband Solution for Seismic Imaging and Characterization

AAPG Angola Chapter Quarterly Seminar - April, 2015

American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG)

AAPG Angola Chapter held the quarterly seminar for April 2015 at the AAA building in Luanda. The event organized by AAPG Angola Chapter Board saw attendance from upstream geoscientists as well as students. 

Speaker Eivind Fromyr delivered the lecture on Geostreamers – The preferred broadband solution for Imaging and Characterization. 

Fromyr has worked in the oilfield service industry since graduating from University of Oslo with a BSc in Economics and a MSc in Physics in 1983. He has held various positions in PGS Marine Geophysical both in Europe and North America and has worked from 2010 as Chief Geophysicist for PGS Marine Geophysical. Our appreciation goes to PGS for event sponsorship.

The launch of dual-sensor towed streamer technology in 2007 was probably the most important milestone in the seismic industry during the last 10 years. The launch kicked off huge interest and demand for broadband seismic methods and their benefits. It also triggered the development of new acquisition and processing technology on both the source and receiver side. Broadband benefits and the ability to accurately separate dual-sensor recordings in up- and down-going wavefields have been exploited throughout the entire seismic value chain.

Using dual-sensor streamer technology has not only allowed towing the streamer deeper in a quieter recording environment but has significantly increased the amount of reliably measured low frequency information without compromising the high frequencies and the AVO/AVA information.

These improvements have a tangible benefit for the whole workflow of quantitative seismic interpretation and structural seismic interpretation; from the low frequency model building to the elastic properties estimation and depth conversion through the pre-stack wavelet extraction. The abundance of low frequencies also allows for reliable application of Full Waveform Inversion (FWI) which will improve the quality and accuracy of velocity model. The additional down-going wavefield can be utilized to improve aperture and spatial sampling through Separated Wavefield Imaging (SWIM).

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