Isabelle Moretti

Isabelle Moretti

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Isabelle Moretti is a scientist with a master’s in mathematics and a doctorate in earth science from University of Paris - XI (Orsay). She was post-doc in Cornell University and MIT and then began her career in 1987 at the French Institute of Petroleum (IFP, now IFPEN) where she held various project management positions working in France and abroad (Bolivia, Colombia, Egypt, Italy, Greece). She worked in fundamental research but also developed professional software, mainly in structural geology. She intersperses her research and appraisal activities for industry (TOTAL, CEPSA, YPFB) with work for governmental entities (IRD, CNRS, ANR, CEE, Ancre). She is author of more than 140 scientific papers, director of 30 doctorates and provides courses in various universities in France and abroad.

In 2012, Moretti became the technical officer of ENGIE Corp. and then scientific director (CSO) in early 2018. In that position, she selected the technologies of tomorrow in renewable energies and other emerging markets and led the research programs of the company in new sources of energy and enabling technologies. She has been president of the GERG (European Gas Research Group), member of the board of Ineris (French National Institute for Industrial Environment and Risks) and BRGM, the French geological survey, and expert in various commissions. She has been elected at the French Technology Academy in 2018 and was also president of the industrial chairs at ANR (French National Research Agency) up to 2022. She is now mainly back to the academic world and leads a team dedicated to natural hydrogen at the University of Pau (UPPA) where she is working on different case studies such as Brazil, Australia, Namibia, Afar area, Colombia and Iceland but also in the H2 generating source rock characterization. She is also at the board of EartH2 that promotes the natural hydrogen E&P in Europe.


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