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Last Post 21 Apr 2023 09:09 PM by  Patrick Ng
The road to Electrification with Lithium just got Bumpier
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Patrick Ng
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21 Apr 2023 09:09 PM
    Refer to

    Brevity is the essence of Deep Learning, as ChatGPT may surmise.

    "The concept of ‘Earth as a Battery’ gained more support with the recent news that Chile may nationalize its lithium industry. In relation to the AAPG webinar on Orphan Wells, a data-driven and machine learning perspective suggests that:

    1. There are numerous legacy ‘missing wells’ without accessible digital data.

    2. By using granular and digital data coverage available today, we can back-propagate data to fill in the gaps.

    3. With additional time and effort, we can triangulate and high-grade wells for repurposing as energy storage.

    Your thoughts on any or all of these points are welcome."

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