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Last Post 18 Apr 2023 07:05 PM by  Patrick Ng
SPE Perspective on ChatGPT for the Petroleum Industry
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Patrick Ng
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18 Apr 2023 07:05 PM

    Article from "Researchers with the Energy & Environmental Research Center highlight the key use cases ChatGPT holds today for petrotechnicals."

    Specifically on G&G

    "Geology: ChatGPT can support mineral exploration efforts by analyzing geological data and predicting the possible location of mineral deposits. It can provide valuable insights into the structural geology of a given area and help identify geological hazards during geological mapping activities.

    Additionally, ChatGPT can assist in geothermal exploration by analyzing rock properties and subsurface temperature.

    Geophysics: ChatGPT can assist with seismic data analysis by analyzing seismic signals and identifying subsurface geological structures.

    It can also help with the interpretation of potential field data such as gravity and magnetic data by providing insights into subsurface geology and identifying potential mineral deposits. ChatGPT can assist with real-time monitoring of subsurface processes such as fluid flow and subsidence, identifying potential risks and suggesting appropriate actions."

    Q: what are your thoughts?

    Speaking ChatGPT Softly

    AAPG has the most to contribute on the use of ChatGPT in one of the challenges, as the authors point out, its "limited ability to generate creative output" (e.g., develop play fairway, drill wildcats).

    While ChatGPT like AI tech is moving fast, we have the opportunity to shape its trajectory today by sharing our concerns, experiences and aspirations in this space. We'd learn faster, identify more opportunities and make better decisions in the energy transition.

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