Regions Committee

The IRC is a coordinating committee ultimately designed to provide sustainable growth in International membership at a minimum of 5% annually and maximum target of 20% annually. The IRC should provide a forum for helping generate and establish multiple services for individual regions. This includes: 

  1. Recommend sites to the EC and AAPG staff for workshops, short courses, DL visits, field trips and regional conferences; 
  2. Provide local or regional AAPG affiliated societies and contacts to host above events; 
  3. Share best practices for hosting events; 
  4. Provide contacts for potential AAPG student chapters to AAPG staff; 
  5. Submit nominations to Advisory Council for elected officers, and honors and awards; 
  6. Consider sites for potential local offices which might be capable becoming financially self-sustaining, either in cooperation with other societies or strictly as AAPG. 
David Curtiss Executive Director 2015-2099 AAPG
Delia A. Kuye Programs Manager, AAPG Africa Region 2017-2099 AAPG Africa Region
Adrienne Pereira Programs Manager, AAPG Asia Pacific Region 2017-2099 AAPG Asia Pacific Region
Marta Diaz Programs Manager, AAPG Europe Region 2017-2099 AAPG Europe
Emily Smith Llinás Programs Manager, AAPG Latin America Region 2017-2099 AAPG Latin America and Caribbean Region
Abeer Zubaidi Programs Manager, AAPG Middle East Region 2017-2099 AAPG Middle East Region
Vicki L. Beighle Staff Liaison 2015-2099 AAPG
Val Johnston-Jones Staff Liaison 2019-2069 AAPG Europe
Alan Wegener Staff Liaison 2017-2099 AAPG

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