Regions Committee Events

The IRC is a coordinating committee ultimately designed to provide sustainable growth in International membership at a minimum of 5% annually and maximum target of 20% annually. The IRC should provide a forum for helping generate and establish multiple services for individual regions. This includes: 1.Recommend sites to the EC and AAPG staff for workshops, short courses, DL visits, field trips and regional conferences 2.Provide local or regional AAPG affiliated societies and contacts to host above events; 3.Share best practices for hosting events 4.Provide contacts for potential AAPG student chapters to AAPG staff 5.Submit nominations to Advisory Council for elected officers and honors & awards. 6.Consider sites for potential local offices which might be capable becoming financially self-sustaining, either in cooperation with other societies or strictly as AAPG.


Robert Shoup SCA

Headquarters Contacts

Karin Alyea Administration Representative AAPG
Vicki Beighle Adminstrative Team Lead AAPG
Alan Wegener Managing Director AAPG
Angela Wilson AAPG