Distinguished Lecture Committee

The function of the Distinguished Lecture Committee is to select lecturers and instructors speaking on important and timely geoscientific topics that provide knowledge transfer between the Association, affiliated societies, and academia and serve the educational needs of its members by providing outstanding lectures. To reach these goals the Distinguished Lecture Committee identifies topics that support science-based business decisions; showcases the state-of-the-art technology and concepts utilized in the oil and gas industry to academia; works with the Regions in developing a regional program of distinguished lectures; encourages lecturers to develop their presentations into proposals for Special Publications or into manuscripts to be submitted to the Bulletin; works with the Education Committee in encouraging lecturers to develop their presentations into workshops; works with other professional societies, such as SPE, SPWLA, SEG, and EAGE, in sponsoring inter-society distinguished lecturers.

Marsha Whitlock French Marsha Whitlock French Co-Chair 2020-2023
Julia Smith Wellner Julia Smith Wellner Co-Chair 2017-2022 University of Houston
Salim Al Mahrouqi Committee Member 2021-2023 Petroleum Development Oman
Anwar M. Al-Beaiji Committee Member 2021-2023 Saudi Aramco
Jonathan Patrick Allen Committee Member 2021-2023 Chevron
Harris Scott Cander Committee Member 2019-2022
Christopher Frank Elders, PhD Committee Member 2019-2022 Curtin University
Timothy Frost Lawton, PhD Committee Member 2016-2022 UT Bureau of Economic Geology
Timothy Frost Lawton, PhD Committee Member 2019-2022 UT Bureau of Economic Geology
William V. Maloney GULF COAST Committee Member 2020-2023 Trident Energy
Lorena Moscardelli Committee Member 2021-2023 BEG
Martin A. Perlmutter Committee Member 2019-2022 Balex Technologies
R. Craig Shipp, Ph.D.,P.G. Committee Member 2019-2022
Toni Simo Committee Member 2019-2022 ExxonMobil Corporation
Mark David Sonnenfeld Committee Member 2019-2022 Coterra Energy
Carl Kristian Steffensen Committee Member 2019-2022 Viking GeoSolutions LLC
Tongwei Zhang Committee Member 2019-2022 Bureau of Economic Geology
Heather Hodges Staff Liaison 2018-2099 AAPG
Susie Nolen Staff Liaison 2017-2099 AAPG

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