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The Art of Hydrocarbon Prediction: Managing Uncertainties

Asia Pacific presents another successful event

American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG)
Contributors: Adrienne Pereira

From 7-8 August, AAPG Asia Pacific presented a Technical Symposium from 7-8 August, 2019 in Bogor, Greater Jakarta, Indonesia. Helmed by a strong Advisory Board and Committee, this event was highly successful, with 112 registrants from 7 countries.

We were honoured to welcome an Opening Address from Mr Ricardo Yudantoro, Senior Vice President, Exploration, PERTAMINA. Mr Dharmawan Samsu, Vice President, Upstream, was unable to attend to give the Opening Address.

10 Keynote speakers presented their expertise:
  • Ian Longley, GIS-pax Pty Ltd, Australia
  • Jan de Jager, PetroEdge, Netherlands
  • Leo Anis, Schlumberger Indonesia (Passed from a sudden heart attack the day after our event; Rest in Peace, Leo)
  • Abdul Muin, (Oil and Gas Analyst), Indonesia
  • Agus M Ramdhan, Institute of Technology Bandung, Indonesia
  • Gustiadi Rosa, Pertamina Hulu Mahakam, Indonesia
  • John Kaldi, Australian School of Petroleum, Australia
  • Iain McCourt, Merlin ERD, UK
  • Mark Schneider, Rose & Associates,Indonesia
  • Peter Cockcroft, Independent Consultant, Australia/Singapore
Awards were presented to:

Best Oral Presenter – Ms Leonora Lilasari of Schlumberger, Indonesia
The True Value of Data Integration to Discover Hidden Hydrocarbon Reservoir; A Successful Exploration Story from West Java Basin, Indonesia
E. Noorcita Asri Herdiyanti, Iwan Rudiyanto, Allan Moris, Muadz Rifqi, Mohamad Wahyudin, Pertamina EP, Indonesia; Leonora Lilasari*, Dedi Juandi, Heri Tanjung, Rinaldi Sudarwoto, Pasca Siburian, Ratna Dewanda, Hengky Ng, Schlumberger, Indonesia

Best Poster Presenter: Ardi Nazamzi of PT Chevron Pacific, Indonesia
Subsurface Process Improvement to Minimize Subsurface Uncertainties for Workover Optimization, A Case Study From Mature Waterflood Field, Central Sumatera Basin, Indonesia
Ardi Nazamzi*, Irdas Muswar, Shuhaimi Mohd Mokhtar, PT. Chevron Pacific, Indonesia

Congratulations also for Top Influencer Delegates Yudiyoko Ega Sugiharto - Petronas Carigali, Milla Amlan - Chevron Pacific Indonesia, and Jan de Jager - PetroEdge.


We are most grateful for this strong support from:

  • Pertamina for Platinum
  • BHGE for USB drives
  • PetroChina for Lunch Day 1
  • Rose & Associates for Lunch Day 2
  • BP for Coffee Breaks Day 1
  • General Sponsorship - Beicip-Franlab, PETRONAS, SKK Migas-PT Medco, SKK Migas Saka Energi

The dedication of the Advisory Board and Committee is so much appreciated. They are:

• Advisory Board

Ricardo Yudantoro, SVP Exploration, PERTAMINA (Persero), Indonesia
Ricky Wibowo, VP Upstream Technology Center (UTC), PERTAMINA (Persero), Indonesia
Cahyo Nugroho, Country Manager, Baker Hughes, a GE company, Indonesia
Hendri Harsian, KANGEAN Energy Indonesia, Indonesia

• Committee
Dwandari Ralanarko (Co-Convenor), PT Pertamina Hulu Energi (OSES), Indonesia
Geovani Christopher, (Co-Convenor), Geoscience Technical Lead, Halliburton, Malaysia
Maradona Mansyur, Senior Geoscientist, Beicip-Franlab, Malaysia
Nusatriyo Guritno, Senior Expert, Pertamina, Indonesia
Herman Darman, Principal Geoscientist, PETRONAS Carigali, Malaysia
Fithra Harris, Staff Petroleum Geoscience, PETRONAS Carigali, Malaysia
Ken Prabowo, Field Engineer, BHGE, Indonesia
Ricky Andrian Tampubolon, Exploration Geologist, Odira Energy Karang, Indonesia
Prillia Aufa Adriani, Geophysicist, PETRONAS Carigali Murah Ltd., Indonesia
Perdana Rakhmana Putra, Senior Geologist, Pertamina-Upstream Technology Centre, Indonesia
Sinchia Dewi Puspita, Geologist Exploration New Venture, PT Pertamina Persero, Indonesia
Reybi Waren, Geologist, Ametis Institute, Indonesia
Aziz Rifai, Senior Geologist, Medco E&P, Indonesia
Dicky Eko Hehakaya, Independent, Indonesia
Edward Syafron, Senior Geologist, Mandala Energy, Indonesia
Wynn Gajkowski, Vice President Asia Pacific, Tiger Oil Ltd., UK

Our four Student Volunteers helped a lot with slide management and roving microphones/registration; and we would like to thank all of them:
Ms Dyna Aulia Haq and Ms Sunarni, Universitas Lampung, Ms Widya Permasandi and Ms Nia Purnamasari, Universitas Sriwijaya. We hope you benefited from this experience and learnt something from the presentations. Ms Zuhrotul Firdaus (Indah), thank you for your help with the Short Abstracts Handout.

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